Problems Tilly Can Help Homeowners Solve

By Blythe Yost

June 10, 2019

We asked the design team about some of the most interesting Tilly projects this past spring and below are a few of our favorite creative ways people have used our remote design services:


Whether it’s a special occasion or a casual get together, Tilly knows how to design for a party.  One California customer worked with Tilly to prepare for his outdoor Easter brunch and another in Virginia is hosting her own wedding!


We received a call for help with a New York customer’s “bog-like” yard that desperately needed saving. Our design team worked closely with the owner to come up with the perfect solution their whole family could enjoy.


A Colorado customer wanted to plan their backyard around a stunning view of the mountains.  Our team designed the perfect perimeter to complement their natural surroundings, all without blocking a single peak.


A family in San Carlos was looking to maximize their curb appeal before staking a “For Sale” sign in the ground. Tilly worked as their “exterior stager” and the client told us the property sold in the first week!


When undertaking a custom build, homeowners tend to splurge on the the interior, but don’t often invest in a thoughtful landscape. We worked with a couple in Long Island to properly showcase their stunning new home and bring to life their beach-style build.


Tilly partnered with two families in Chicago whose townhomes share a front yard to ensure cohesion, yet interest in their curb appeal.

Whether you have a small patio, inefficient side yard, kid-trampled flower bed, or are looking for an outdoor refresh – Tilly has a plan and ideas that can work for you!



Tilly has worked with multiple homeowner’s who rent their properties out and want to increase their curb appeal or the beauty of their space! We’ve added some fun design elements, such as boccee courts, basketball hoops – and plenty of fire pits!

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We have found the Tilly process to be most successful on properties less than an acre.

A major part of remote design is understanding a property’s existing conditions and limitations. To do this we generally use the primary structure (usually the house) as the main point of reference. The greater distances are from from the house the less successful we are at understanding your property. No matter what the size of your property, the more information you can provide us, the better. Don’t be shy with the pictures! And please send along any and all architectural or property plan documents you can.

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