Fall Lawn Chores to Tackle Right Now

By Tilly Design Team

September 22, 2020

As the weather turns cooler, it’s a great time to get outdoors and into your garden. Not only will you enjoy the weather, but you will prep your yard to handle the colder months.  Below are a few fall yard chores we recommend you tackle now for a better lawn and landscape this spring! 


Rake & Reuse Your Leaves

Blow or rake up the leaves in your yard. If you are okay with your garden beds not looking 100% tidy, distribute the leaves in your garden beds. Leaves are a great form of natural mulch and will help insulate plants during the winter as well as break down into great organic matter to help your garden thrive. 

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Plant Bulbs

Most garden bulbs that bloom in the spring should be planted now so stop by your local nursery and grab some of your favorites – tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, alliums and more! Here’s a great overview on some favorite bulbs. 

Planting Bulbs

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Clean Your Gutters

Not glamorous, but it’s a necessary and a good thing to put on your calendar for at least once a year! Clean the gutters to avoid creating larger problems such as a leaky roof, making a friendly home for a critter, or other unfortunate situations. 

Leaves in Gutters

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In the fall there are not as many new weeds popping up so that’s another reason why it’s a great time to renovate your lawn (more on this coming up)! But, if there are any big, nasty weeds, pull them now because they will only be harder and more established in the spring.

Weeding a Lawn

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Deadhead Perennials

Fall is also a great time to deadhead or cut back any perennials that are unsightly or spent. Get a jump on your late fall chores by cutting back those things now and clean up your garden at the same time.

Dead Perennial

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Grass Maintenance & Upkeep

Fall is a great time to tackle grass work so up the ante on your green by following the below steps.


Rent an aerator or ask your local landscape company if they can aerate your yard. Aeration pokes small holes in your lawn which allows water, oxygen and fertilizer to easily reach the grass’ roots. Your lawn will grow back thicker and fuller!

Over Seed

After you aerate, your lawn has a lot of surface area so it’s a great time to overseed. Overseeding means seeding your entire lawn, which will help make it lush. This is especially great if you use your lawn often, which adds to its wear, tear, and thinning. 

Top Dressing

Top dress your lawn with compost. Rake a small layer of compost across your entire lawn! This is a really great natural fertilizer and acts as a protective layer for your grass during the harsh winter months.

Aerating a Lawn

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Store or Cover Outdoor Furniture

Protect your outdoor investments by safely storing furniture over the cold and harsh winter months. Put away cushions, umbrellas, tables, portable fire pits and chairs. If you don’t have the storage space, consider shrink wrapping nice furniture to protect it from the elements. 

Cover Outdoor Furniture for the Winter

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Landscape Installation

Many people think of spring when it comes to installing plants/shrubs and landscape, but really anything deciduous can be planted now! Right now is also a great time to potentially find good deals in nurseries as they are looking to get rid of inventory before the colder months. However, this also means you need to be open to substitutions as certain species may be sold out. Plant now before a freeze so that roots are established before the winter. Your plant will go dormant during the winter and in theory, will need less water to survive than a spring planting. 

Installing Landscape Design Plans in the fall

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For some quick five minute lawn chores you can also tackle, see here! Happy Fall!


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