Fire Pit Design Inspiration by Tilly

By Sarah Finazzo

March 12, 2021

Over 25% of clients asked for fire pit nooks in their yard this past year. We love this because it’s a feature every age can enjoy and they are a special place to gather with family and friends. Fire pits are also an aspect of your yard that can be used year round, which makes it a great investment. There’s an outdoor fire pit or fireplace option for every style and garden preference. Check out some special fire pits we’ve designed in clients yards! 

Fire Pit Inspiration by Tilly

Gardenside Fire Pit, Virginia 


Under-the-Pergola Fire Place, North Carolina


Built In Fire Pit & Seating, Florida 


Circular Fire Nook with Adirondacks, Georgia


Natural Fire Pit with Boulders, Virginia


Stone Fire Pit, Texas


Modern Fire Place with Pavers, South Carolina


Sunken Lounge, Arizona


Poolside Fire & Lounge Area, Oklahoma


Social Front Yard Fire Nook, Arizona


Destination Fire Pit, Missouri


Paver Fire Pit, Florida


Poolside Built In Fire Pit, New York


Lounge Fire Area, Texas


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We have found the Tilly process to be most successful on properties less than an acre.

A major part of remote design is understanding a property’s existing conditions and limitations. To do this we generally use the primary structure (usually the house) as the main point of reference. The greater distances are from from the house the less successful we are at understanding your property. No matter what the size of your property, the more information you can provide us, the better. Don’t be shy with the pictures! And please send along any and all architectural or property plan documents you can.

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