Backyard Designs that Entertain Well

By Sarah Finazzo

May 24, 2021

There’s been a renewed focus on backyard designs that entertain well. Gone are the landscape trends that are pretty to look at but don’t serve a purpose and maximize space. As a design company, we love this! Ensuring the flow of a yard is right for it’s owner is key to a successful design. Just in time for Memorial Day BBQ’s, check out some of the below Tilly plans that have a great design for entertaining.

Backyard Designs that Entertain Well

Tennessee Tilly Client

This backyard has everything you need for a good party – multiple entertaining areas, a pool, even a basketball court (not pictured) off to the side!


New York Tilly Client

This fire pit, located away from the house, lends itself to be a great destination within the yard for gatherings.


North Carolina Tilly Client

The outdoor kitchen is nestled under the pergola and there’s a fire pit (not pictured) at the far end of the pool. Different pavers are used to distinguish entertaining locations.


Michigan Tilly Client

Case and point that a small backyard can lend itself to great gatherings with the right design. This porch has a fabulous eating table, there’s a lounge at the bottom of the steps, and a curved wooden bench at the back of the yard!


New York Tilly Client

It’s hard to go wrong with this view! With a portable fire pit at the dock, this floral-filled yard can easily transition for different gatherings.


California Tilly Client

This yard has lawn chairs to relax poolside, an eating table, lounge area and fire pit nook. The casual design is tied together nicely with large boulders and greenery throughout.


Pacific Northwest Tilly Client

This large property has space, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to design. Sometimes larger spaces can take more thought as you don’t want to leave too much empty and unused space.


Massachusetts Tilly Client

A great aerial view of this functional backyard layout. The covered awning off the fire pit patio has a great eating area – ensuring outdoor meals in rain or shine!


Florida Tilly Client

This backyard mother-in-law suite has its own outdoor patio for a nice cup of morning coffee! It’s not too far from the house, so the kids can come over and say hello!


Connecticut Tilly Client

Nestled underneath the staircase, this shaded patio will offer releaf from the heat – or a fantastic and enclosed play space for kids!

New York Tilly Client

You can’t put everything in a box – and at Tilly we would never dare! This yard has unique shapes that are fun and functional, lending to a distinct area for eating, lounging and cooking!


Texas Tilly Client

Who doesn’t love an outdoor fire place! This beautiful space is next to an eating area with another fire pit in the back of the yard.


Just a reminder that Tilly designs for your use of the space, your style and your needs! What does your backyard need to feel complete?



  1. Heather

    I love this post! I hope to some day use your service. You guys are very talented and I could use your help at my new home! 🙂

  2. Catherine Schneider

    I have already signed up for Tilly and am in the process of taking photos and finding survey lines. I am so excited to get started on my project. Love these gorgeous examples, they really help me think through what I want.

    • Sarah Finazzo

      Love to hear this!! We can’t wait to see how your project turns out 🙂

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