Modern Backyard Landscape Design Ideas

By Sarah Finazzo

September 7, 2021

Modern Outdoor Fire Place

Tilly places a lot of emphasis on understanding our client’s garden style because it’s a critical piece of the puzzle when creating a successful backyard or front yard design. Modern landscaping design focuses on the principles of classic geometry. It generally incorporates a smaller color palette for plant material and a more neutral palette for hardscape. Check out some of Tilly’s favorite modern backyard designs from coast to coast.

Tennessee Delight

This gorgeous backyard landscape design focuses on a smaller plant selection and groups them in deliberate and repetitive masses giving the space a clean and polished feel. (Okay, we snuck a front yard rendering in here too!)

modern landscape design ideas

Tennessee Landscape Design

Comfortable in Cali

The neutral hardscape palette for this design gives it a comfortable and modern feel.

Modern Pavers and Fire pit

California Landscape Design

Rolling Hills in Virginia

This modern backyard landscape plan allows your eye to travel to focal points throughout the patio, rather than stopping to focus on individual objects.

Modern Landscape Design Patio

Virginia Landscape Design

Entertaining in Texas

The different levels of the patio are a great way to separate entertaining spaces in this modern backyard makeover!

Modern Back Patio Design

Texas Landscape Design


Sunsets in Nevada

The retaining walls are elevated by the long linear beds of this design. The Tilly lighting plan works to highlight the landscape in the evening and create ambiance and visual appeal.

Backyard Design with Retaining Wall

Nevada Landscape Design


Sunshine in New Jersey

This backyard makeover mimics the existing architecture of the home. The rectangles and squares translate into long linear beds and patio layout, perfectly framing the rectilinear pool.

Backyard Modern Patio Idea

New Jersey Landscape Design

S’mores in Cali

The chic use of hardscape, outdoor furniture and architectural design of the outdoor fireplace, make this backyard design concept flawless!

Modern Outdoor Fire Place

California Landscape Design


Sporty in Illinois

This beautiful design incorporates classic elements into a more modern backyard design giving it the best of both worlds.

Backyard Entertaining Area

Illinois Landscape Design


Pretty in the Longhorn State

The dark pergola, decomposed granite and fun pop of pink used in this backyard makeover give it a relaxed modern feel.

Outdoor Pergola and Patio

Texas Landscape Design


Mountain Life in Colorado

This modern feel is achieved through the strategic plant material that is arranged in deliberate and repetitive masses throughout the polished backyard space.

Backyard Design with Fire pIt

Colorado Landscape Design


Swimmingly Beautiful in Florida

Rectangular pavers in gravel is a great backyard landscaping idea to achieve a modern look. It’s easy, visually appealing and working in a small or large space.

Modern Pool with Lounge Area

Florida Landscape Design

Terrific in Texas

The checked patio pattern adds fun to this modern backyard design. The yard is a functional space for a family with children, while also being a great entertaining space for adults.

Modern Backyard Patio Idea

Texas Landscape Design


Cool in Colorado

The smaller planting palette, neutral hardscape choices and wood fence tied this backyard landscape together nicely while maximizing each area for entertaining and relaxation.

Backyard Entertaining Ideas

Colorado Landscape Design


Not sure what your garden style is? Take Tilly’s Garden Style Quiz to find out more.


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