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6 Fantastic Above Ground Pool Ideas for Your Backyard

Above Ground Pool in a Trex Deck

The above ground pool has become a trend and as landscape design experts, it’s one we are digging! Above ground pools have, well, often a bad reputation but with the right landscape design they can seamlessly meld into your surroundings and look super sophisticated. 

It was the spool, the container pool and plunge pool last year. But this summer, it’s all about the above ground pool party! Let’s dig into some of our favorite styles and landscape ideas for above ground pools! 

#1 // Above Ground Pool Trex Deck 

This backyard makeover before and after is something to behold! A covid purchase, this above ground pool was an eyesore in this backyard. The homeowner’s loved it, but knew they had to incorporate it into their outdoor space. The Tilly plan called for Trex composite decking that the client had custom cut to fit around their pool.  

Tilly’s Plan

#2 // Chic Landscaping Around Above Ground Pool

This above ground pool previously stood out in the middle of this big backyard! The client’s Tilly designer added a small deck on one side of the pool to allow for easy access.  The deck is a perfect spot for a parent to add an adirondack chair for pool supervision and decorate with a seasonal planter. Cornus sericea ‘Silver and Gold’ are placed around one side of the pool to strategically hide the pool mechanics. Irregular sized stepping stones lead a path from the stone patio to the pool, tying the whole design together. 

#3 // A Container Pool with a Tiered Deck 

This swim spa is encased in wood to match the existing lower level decking. A pool cover can be rolled out to cover the space when not in use or in the winter. Myrica pensylvanica, a deciduous shrub surrounds the deck to cover the sides and create year round greenery! We love the modern railing that doesn’t distract from the gorgeous view. 

#4 // A Natural Stone Veneer Disguise

This small backyard plunge pool is concealed with a natural stone veneer that gives a beautiful finish to this eclectic backyard. The pool is 7’x14’ and fits nicely into the design of this small backyard. The palette includes a wood deck, pea gravel side yard, stone, and a stucco finished retaining wall (not pictured). 

#5 // A Simple Modern Pool Design

This 14 x 9’6’’ plunge pool looks ultra modern with the straight, clean lines and the simple materials palette. The design incorporates gravel, wood and square concrete stepping pads. The deck is low to the ground and surrounded by ornamental grasses and a variety of evergreens. Colorful perennials are included for seasonal fun! 

# 6 // No Mow Turf with a Pool on Top 

This home was taking advantage of a “Cash for Grass” rebate in their town and their designer replaced 300 square feet of grass with artificial turf and Mexican beach pebbles. Because the pool is a fun, temporary addition to the yard (one of the best things about above ground pools!) the homeowner felt no need to hide it. Instead the Tilly designer placed it in the most practical spot where it could be replaced at a later date with a new yard feature and designed a modern style maximized yard around it! 

Like any yard feature, well thought out landscape design can incorporate any style pool into your backyard – and look amazing! Need some help? We can help!

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