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There is no yard too small to add a small garden – sometimes it’s just about the creativity! Small gardens can transform a small yard, an unused corner, a balcony or a patio into something special, maybe even the favorite part of your home. There are many landscaping tips and tricks to make the most of small spaces, but you don’t have to be a professional to get started.

There’s no flower more famous than a rose! These elegant flowers are the star of classic rose gardens, but they can look at home in a whole range of approachable design styles. Read on for our expert tips on rose garden design and a wealth of inspiration from our favorite rose garden ideas.

A garden wall can be the perfect landscaping feature to shape the flow of your outdoor space while adding a little beauty at the same time. From flower-filled stonework to modern stucco, there’s a garden wall perfect for every yard. What’s the Difference Between a Fence and a Garden Wall? First things first, it’s important…