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3D Rendering of a Good Landscape Design in South Carolina

Many clients come to us needing front yard landscaping for their home. Afterall, the front yard is a guest’s first impression and some consider it a reflection of themselves. We frequently share tips on how to landscape your front yard, but it’s just not that easy to do on your own. There’s much to consider from which direction your home faces, your climate, soil, sunlight, how your walkways are positioned, seasonality of your plants, layering – and much more.

One of the best ways to understand what you like in curb appeal is by browsing front yard ideas and inspiration. So check out the below Tilly before and afters that focus on the front yard – from Maine to California!

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Cottage Garden Style Charm, New York

This homeowner had great curb appeal ideas, but wasn’t sure how to go about it herself. She turned to Tilly and shared her general landscaping ideas and our landscape designers created a lush plan to fill her flower beds and achieve the cottage garden charm she desired.

Front Yard Refresh, New York

This front yard just needed some additional elements to create a cohesive look. Tilly helped this homeowner change their front walkway, update their garden beds and add color during the seasons. On a small budget, this front yard landscaping made a big difference.

Updated Tropical Appeal, Florida

This Florida home had a tired font entry that the homeowner wanted to update. They worked with Tilly to create a tropical entry with native plants. The plant palette was comprised of native Floridian plants that will thrive in this home’s climate and sunglight.

Slope & Function, Colorado

This client had a front yard that they couldn’t figure out how to use. They were updating the exterior of their home and knew it was time to get some yard landscape ideas. Their Tilly designer recommended a chic modern retaining wall to create tiers of usable yard! This corten steel retaining wall is the ultimate home improvement for a beautiful yard remodel.

Classic Charm, Maine

This front yard had no landscape design, but it had a ton of opportunity. This client came to Tilly to figure out how to use their lawn best. Their designer gave them a classically curved front garden bed that brings interest to this charming home’s entry and grounds the flagpole in the yard. 

Seasonal Garden Appeal, Illinois

This Tilly client didn’t love their garden beds and wanted a more contemporary and colorful look. Tilly added garden beds and plants to make more of an impact. We made sure they had seasonal interest and plantings to highlight their sweet front porch.

Cottage Style Delight, Virginia

This new homeowner came to Tilly for a front yard remodel when they bought a fixer upper. They used our landscape design services to reimagine what their new home could look like with fresh paint and welcoming plantings! Their Tilly landscape designer achieved cottage curb appeal with pops of color that draw your eye to the cozy porch. Covering the front foundation makes a big impact and quickly tranforms the entire look of the home.  

Smart Xeriscape, Colorado

Xeriscape landscaping is something most of our Colorado homeowners are interested in exploring with the state’s water restrictions. Xeriscaping can be achieved in many ways, but this homeowner wanted to explore a no grass front yard and instead focus on native ground covers, boulders, and climate appropriate plants.


Yard Space Maximization, Texas 

This Texas homeowner wanted to make the most of their small yard landscaping. Their designer opened up the side yard to maximize this outdoor space and create a social seating area. Incorporating more plantings for the front foundation and adding a walkway to access the side patio change the whole look and use of this front yard design. 

Simple & Chic, Texas 

Sometimes a beautiful front yard is about simplicity and low maintenance! We love the hedges shown to add interest to the front yard. This classic home will need minimal upkeep to look its best all year round.

Pops of Color, Wisconsin 

This homeowner had front yard design ideas that included changing the color of their home’s shutters. In their 3D renders, their designer turned the shutters black to help them visualize this change. Changing the shutter color can be a budget friendly yard update!

Transplant & Add, Texas

This client wanted some front landscaping ideas to create a welcoming entrance. Their designer recommended expanding the front garden bed to create a moder modern shape. They layered in pollinator friendly plants, ornamental grasses and groundcover to fill the garden beds. The finishing touch was edging it with a clean chopped stone.

New Build Beauty, South Carolina

This new build in Charleston uses the surrounding nature to create a grand entry for a beautiful new home. Their designer gave them a modern front yard that has great tropical native plants throughout.

Cheerful Native Garden, Washington State

Less grass, more native plants is a great solution to save money, cut back on maintenance and help your local ecosystem. This client came to Tilly for an water wise landscape design plan. Their Tilly designer filled the yard with native plants and created a social gathering area over gravel in the front yard!

A front Landscape that Compliments the Home, Louisiana

In a new build, landscape is critical to give the entry a welcoming feel. This Louisiana home’s modern landscape will compliment the home’s architecture with it’s simple color palette, beautiful grasses and large paver walkway.

Clean Up Curb Appeal, Colorado

This front entry needed some taming. To achieve a more kempt and thoughtful look, plants were transplanted and organized together in groupings that make sense and are visually appealing.

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  1. If I were to improve my home’s curb appeal, I would make sure to save a siding installed. Thank you for sharing here as well that part of the home’s curb appeal is its beautiful garden. Aside from this, you are also right that it will be smarter to have new flowers added.

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