DIY Tips to Update Your Curb Appeal

Our design experts are frequently asked for simple tips to update their home’s curb appeal. Whether it’s for personal enjoyment, to prepare a home for sale, or a variety of other reasons- there are easy things you can DIY that don’t break the bank and will make a huge difference! See below from our Tilly design experts:


Many front foundation plantings are made up of a varied assortment of different plant species.   When it comes to a front foundation, generally less is more. Rather than installing a few plants of many varieties, consider using only a limited pallet with significant repetition.  This will help provide more cohesion and allow for a cleaner, more updated look.


Nothing makes a home look tired like overgrown bushes.  If you don’t have the budget to install new plants now, consider just removing the old ones.  It may look a bit bare at first (especially compared to a previous big wooly mess!), but an empty front foundation may provide the perfect blank canvas to dream up new ideas.


A little definition can go a long way.  Clearly designating where a planting bed stops and the lawn begins can make a big difference in the perceived cleanliness of a home.  Often this can be achieved by redefining the edges with spade shovel a few times a season. If your bedlines are a bit wobbly, try buying a can of inverted tip marking spray paint and spraying anew, straight bedline before you begin.  It will be easier to cut a clean edge if you follow your paint line.

Some people like to define their edges with stones or other materials.  Use caution here as you will be bringing another material into the mix and it might over complicate the design.  Edges are best when they define two spaces without attracting any attention to themselves.


While we do think front foundations should be simple, there’s ALWAYS room for a few flowers.  Leave yourself space to add a pop of seasonal color. Whether it’s a few mums you pick up on a grocery store run, or some much anticipated tulip bulbs planted before the snowfall, a little seasonal flair will help bring your curb appeal to life.


Although not exactly a landscape feature, the house is the backdrop for the garden.  A fresh coat of paint can make your home feel personal, welcoming, and stylish. Right now greys are very on trend, but be careful when selecting a color.  Try to find something in the warmer tones, steer clear of bluish hues – these can feel cold, univiting, and standoffish.

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