Pruning at Garden Coaching

Your landscape is an investment that is ever changing and requires continued maintenance to keep it healthy and looking its best. Tilly’s garden coaching service is an opportunity to connect with a landscape design expert to access custom landscape advice for your specific space. 

Garden Coaching Backstory… 

The launch of this service was a natural evolution for Tilly to continue to educate and help homeowners love their landscape. But beyond that, the Tilly co-founders have been doing virtual garden coaching together for years. 

As you may know, the four Tilly co-founders (Sarah, Blythe, Alexis and Heather) are best friends from high school. When Sarah bought her first home in New York, she had no idea how to tell a weed from a rose! For her, the solution was easy – just video call Blythe who was a landscape architect and now Tilly’s CEO. They would virtually walk around her yard and Sarah would ask plant names and how to care for it. Back in 2012, Blythe actually virtually designed Sarah’s foundation plantings (foreshadowing of things to come)! 

How does Garden Coaching work? 

First you schedule a video call with one of Tilly’s professional landscape experts. Then you can walk them through your yard asking any specific questions and they will offer timely tips for your plants and space. For the premium subscription you will also have on-demand email access to your garden coach.

What should I talk to my Garden Coach about?

Anything landscape related! Some ideas include:

  • Plants + pruning
  • Garden bed maintenance
  • Garden bed updates
  • Timely chores
  • Hardscape maintenance
  • Problem areas of your yard
  • Plant help
  • Mulch, pruning, edging, etc.
  • Seasonal recommendations for containers
  • Grass maintenance
  • Sprinkler installation advice
  • Design tips
Pruning at Garden Coaching
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Do I need to be a Tilly design customer? 

No! Anyone can work with our garden coaches. For the new homeowner and aspiring green thumb, garden coaching is a great place to start and truly understand your yard. And if you’ve recently completed a landscape renovation, garden coaching is a great way to protect that investment!

Who is my Garden Coach? 

You will meet with a Tilly landscape expert who has extensive training and education as well as deep local plant knowledge. Our team is made up of friendly, knowledgeable, real people throughout the U.S. who want to see more beautiful yards and help homeowners truly love their landscapes.

How has Garden Coaching helped others so far? 

Time Saver! Siri, how do I prune my hedges? 

“I talked to my coach about unique characteristics of my property, issues I’m having with ivy on my home, and received some helpful advice on how to help a struggling bush. What would have taken me two hours to Google was answered succinctly on my coaching call in under 30 minutes.” – Liz, NY

Second Opinion! Now I can move forward. 

“Beyond discussing options for my burnt out and distressed grass, I was able to talk with my Tilly coach about some questions I had around installing an irrigation system. It was really nice to get a professional, unbiased opinion.” – Matt, NH 

Install Confidence! This IS a weed.

My Tilly garden coach gave me the confidence to handle the maintenance of my garden. I’m a beginner who wants to learn, but doesn’t know where to start. On my first call I was able to ask embarrassing questions like ‘is this a weed?’, and learn how to prune and deadhead. It was fun and I can’t wait to show them my progress when we chat next month.” – Amanda, OH 

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Where is Garden Coaching available? 

This service is currently available in the following areas and will be available in more areas soon. You can sign up to be alerted by clicking the button at the bottom of this page

Map of Garden Coaching Service Availability
Garden Coaching Service Availability is the Navy Blue

Interested in signing up for garden coaching, click here. If we aren’t in your state yet, you can sign up for expansion notifications .

Have a question, email Kathryn at for more information.

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