Garden Coaching

Do you know how to maintain your yard? Whether you’ve just moved in, completed a recent renovation, or simply want to know your outdoors better – Tilly’s experts are here to help!

Properly maintaining your landscape is a commitment of time, money, or most often both. Plus, it can be super intimidating for a new homeowner or novice gardener. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, which is why Tilly wants to help you navigate your questions that are unique to your yard.

Currently Serving

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For your basic garden questions.


/month or $240 annually

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  • 30 minute virtual walkthrough
  • Personal recording of each session
  • On-the-spot monthly maintenance tips
  • Design advice for trouble areas
  • Any questions related to your yard

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Who should use this service?
Garden Coaching is perfect for any homeowners looking to better understand their yard, start getting their hands dirty, access custom landscape support, ensure the success of a recent renovation or extend the life of their outdoor investments.
Do I need to be a Tilly customer?
No! While Garden Coaching is a great way to support our design clients after their project is installed, it is also available to brand new customers who are looking for custom seasonal advice and to learn more about caring for their space.
Should I select Garden Coaching or a Design Package?
If you’re looking for regular maintenance advice to keep your yard looking great while making incremental improvements, then Garden Coaching is a great place to start! If you’re looking to make a significant change to your yard or entire property, we recommend purchasing a custom Design Package.
Who is my Coach?
You will meet with a Tilly landscape design professional who has extensive training and education in landscape architecture as well as deep local plant knowledge. Our team is made up of friendly, knowledgeable, real people throughout the U.S. who want to see more beautiful yards and help homeowners truly love their landscapes.
Do I really need twelve months of Garden Coaching?
Well, of course! Even in the coldest of climates, there are steps you can take year-round to optimize and care for your outdoor spaces. During the winter months our team will advise on activities like putting gardens to bed, creating holiday containers and decor, overwintering bulbs, seeding plants, planning for spring, ordering plant materials, booking labor and much more!