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16 Fence Inspiration Ideas for Your Yard

By Axis Fuksman-Kumpa October 20, 2022

A wood fence idea amongst flowers in a classically landscaped backyard

We field a lot of questions as professional landscapers, but one of the most common is “What kind of fence would be best for my yard?” With a lot of options to choose from, picking the perfect fence can feel tricky—but we’ve got plenty of inspiration to help you find the right one for your personal style.

First things first, there are some practical fencing concerns to think about. How much privacy do you need? How much wear and tear is your fence going to take? How much are you willing to spend on a new fence? Keep all of those factors in mind as you browse to keep your expectations realistic.

Once you know what you need, it’s time to find what you love. Take a look through some of our favorite fencing projects we’ve designed, and you might just find a style to inspire your home’s new fence.

#1 // Picket Fencing for Classic Curb Appeal

If you’re looking for an open view and a timeless look, a picket fence is the idea for you. This Colorado design mixes traditional and modern inspiration in a yard that melds the charm of a welcoming, flower-laden arbor with a contemporary picket fence.

Front yard fence idea, a picket fence around a classic style home

#2 // Clean Lines for a Blooming Garden

This California client needed garden fence ideas that would show off their bounty of colorful flowers! The perfect front yard fence idea for them was this updated take on a post and rail fence that adds some structure to their flower-packed yard and frames those blooms for a picture-perfect view.

#3 // A Fence to Match a Tropical Bungalow

This small, personality-packed bungalow needed a fence to match its unique style, and this decorative fencing idea fit the bill. The lines of this crisp white fence echo the columns on the front porch and the brickwork on the path while providing contrast with the organic textures of the swaying palm fronds.

#4 // Minimalist Fencing for a Modern Pool

The bold, clean lines of this Florida home needed modern fencing ideas to match—and pool fence ideas that wouldn’t block the incredible seaside views. A geometric dark aluminum fence around the perimeter of the backyard mirrors the railings on the balconies while a clear glass safety fence around the pool itself means that patio loungers won’t miss seeing a single cannonball.

#5 // A Natural Wooden Fence for a Modern House

The landscape design for this modern California home marries clean lines with natural green spaces. Their designer’s wooden fence ideas produced the perfect fusion of strong lines and natural materials in a tall privacy fence that makes their backyard feel like an oasis hidden away from the world.

#6 // Poolside Fencing That Offers Safety and Privacy

This Washington family’s elevated poolside patio offered a unique fencing challenge that required two fences to create a solution. An aluminum fence with cable railings offers sturdy support at the edge of the patio without blocking the view of the plants. A horizontal wood fence beyond the pool area blocks any prying eyes while continuing the natural feeling of the stone from the patio.

#7 // Wood Privacy Fencing for a California Hideaway

Privacy was the name of the game for this backyard in a densely-packed California neighborhood. Their designer wanted to use wood fencing to match the wooden pergola over their dining table, and the final design shows how you can mix fence ideas to create an ideal privacy solution. Wide horizontal slats form an almost solid wall to block all views of their side neighbor just feet away, while a lattice-topped fence at the back of the yard offers views of the trees while blocking the eyeline to their rear neighbors’ windows.

#8 // Protective Fencing for a Garden Bed

The private, woodland setting of this Indiana home meant that the client could skip a fence at the edge of their property, but they definitely needed veggie garden fence ideas to keep their beloved garden beds safe from peckish wildlife. A wavy picket fence offers protection from deer and a charming design for their rustic backyard.

#9 // Brick Fencing for a Tropical Backyard Oasis

This design elevates traditional brick fence ideas with a white-painted brick privacy wall that complements the soft tones of the stone in the poolside patio and waterfall. The fence frames lush leafy alocasias and colorful flowers while keeping this paradise perfectly private.

#10 // Slatted Fencing Creates a Dreamy Hideaway

The right fence was key to framing this cozy fireplace nook in the corner of our North Carolina client’s backyard, and their designer nailed it with her horizontal fence idea. This slatted wooden fence draws the eyes in toward the most inviting feature of their yard and keeps the focus on the fire and framing flowers.

#11 // Metal Fencing for an Elevated Patio

This Texas client needed good patio fencing ideas for their raised patio space. Their designer suggested some metal fence ideas to match the modern style of their home, and an aluminum fence with cable railings offered the perfect solution for both safety and keeping an open view of the rest of their backyard.

#12 // A Privacy Fence With a Modern Edge

This densely-populated Texas neighborhood called for a privacy fence that could match the sleek design of the client’s concrete patio. Thin vertical fence slats draw the eye upwards to the open sky, continuing the light, airy feeling of this modern backyard. Meanwhile, the taupe paint on the fence is perfectly at home in the yard’s color palette of gray concrete and cool-toned flowers.

#13 // Wooden Fencing for a Cottage-Style Garden

This colorful cottage garden in Colorado feels almost magical—and fencing that blocks out views of the neighbors is key in keeping up that secluded fairy garden feeling. Using a natural material for the fencing was an obvious choice for the designer, but staining the wood fence a slightly darker shade to match the pergola gave the whole backyard a more cozy feeling.

#14 // A Living Fence for a Lush Backyard

This California backyard is full of color and foliage—which made the plain stone wall at the edge of the patio feel a bit out of place. Their designer added nature back into that stone wall with her living fence idea that breaks up the gray with a panel of lush, climbing vines to offer beauty and privacy.

#15 // Simple Fencing for a Backyard Farmstead

Vegetables need protection from hungry wildlife, and chickens even more so! This family chose a sturdy but easy-to-DIY fence idea for their backyard that uses a coated wire mesh to keep animals out while providing a clear view of their happy chickens eating the bugs off their veggies.

#16 // Uplit Fencing for Evening Entertaining

Smart fence lighting ideas level up a classic privacy fence into a landscaping feature that opens up the family’s backyard for entertaining well into the night. Some uplighting on each fence panel adds a soft glow that makes the backyard feel cozy and inviting even after the sun has set.

A pergola in the corner of a backyard with exterior landscape uplights along a white fence

Feeling inspired yet? If you’re still weighing your fencing options (or feeling totally clueless—no judgment), let us help you find your perfect match.

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