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Certified Wildlife Habitat® with Tilly and National Wildlife Federation™

Tilly clients have the option to design their yard as an official Certified Wildlife Habitat® through our alignment with National Wildlife Federation™.

What's a Certified Wildlife Habitat®?

The Certified Wildlife Habitat® was developed by the National Wildlife Federation, the nation's leading conservation organization to create a haven for local birds, butterflies and other wildlife. The initial findings from studies of certified habitats across the country demonstrate that wildlife gardening, if adopted on a wider scale, can help boost biodiversity: the variety of life that gives ecosystems their resiliency.


How You're Helping Wildlife

Rapid and large-scale changes to our lands and waters mean wildlife are losing the habitats they once knew. Private residential property makes up approximately one-third of the urban landscape and studies show that the impact of wildlife gardening is substantial. Every habitat garden is a step toward replenishing resources for wildlife such as bees, butterflies, birds, and amphibians—both locally and along migratory corridors.

Certification Requirements

Certified Wildlife Habitat® yards must meet certain standards in order to make a difference.

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Native plants provide food eaten by a variety of wildlife. Feeders can supplement natural food sources.


All animals need water to survive, and some need it for bathing or breeding as well.


Wildlife need places to take shelter from bad weather to hide from predators or hunt for prey.

Places to Raise Young

Wildlife need resources to reproduce, and to protect and nourish their young.

Sustainable Practices

Maintain your yard or garden in natural ways to ensure soil, air, and water stay healthy and clean.

Download a list of the requirements to understand what it takes to have your yard meet the requirements for your wildlife garden.

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The Certification Process

When you opt to have Tilly create a Certified Wildlife Habitat® for your yard, your designer will make sure your final landscape design plan meets all of the program requirements. National Wildlife Federation will then reach out to offer additional membership benefits, compliments of Tilly.

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What You Get From Certification

If you opt into the National Wildlife Federation's program after you receive your certification, you will become a member of the National Wildlife Federation's Garden for Wildlife™ community and receive the following benefits:

  • Personalized certificate

  • A one-year membership to the National Wildlife Federation and subscription to National Wildlife® magazine

  • 10% off the National Wildlife Federation catalog merchandise, including nesting boxes, feeders, birdbaths, and other items to enhance your wildlife garden

  • Subscription to monthly Garden for Wildlife e-newsletter with gardening tips, wildlife stories, and other resources

  • Exclusive option to purchase garden signs designating your garden as a Certified Wildlife Habitat® with the National Wildlife Federation

Learn more about the impact wildlife gardens can make on the National Wildlife Federation's website.

Make a difference and certify your yard today!

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