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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are Tilly's design services available?

Tilly is a national online landscape design firm offering design services in all 50 states and parts of Canada. Our team has architectural and horticultural expertise in each region from the Northeast to the Southwest, even Hawaii!

Why should I hire Tilly instead of designing myself?

We recommend partnering with a professional to ensure a comprehensive, balanced landscape design that will mature beautifully, removing the guesswork from your plant selection and hardscape placement. First impressions are everything, and the right curb appeal or backyard design can add considerable value to your home as well as your quality of life!

How is Tilly different from a local landscape designer?

Tilly is a convenient online service with the same professional results. Our team of professional designers work on your schedule. And unlike a local professional, Tilly will never tell you your project is too small!

Can I see your previous work?

We thought you'd never ask! Browse our portfolio of 3D plans across the country or check out our Instagram for some of our work. You can also review some before and after case studies to see more real life projects.

Can you work with different garden styles?

Absolutely! Tilly has defined eight specific garden styles and our team of landscape designers are more than qualified to design them all. Not sure which style fits you best? Jump on over to our Style Quiz for inspiration and to define your style. We also suggest checking out Tilly's Pinterest page for specific style ideas and landscape inspiration. There will be several opportunities to describe your style to your designer and tell them what plants or colors you prefer.

Can Tilly work with properties of any size?

Tilly can design for any residential property that is less than two acres, with tiered pricing to accommodate Small, Large and Estate-sized projects. If we are simply designing the front yard and back patio around the house of a 2+ acre property, we may be able to work with you as well. With specific questions about your property, please reach out to us here.

Can Tilly work with any budget?

Pretty much! We have worked with project budgets anywhere from $2,500 to $100,000+. It is part of our process to understand your budget from the start and design against those parameters. That said, we cannot guarantee a plan will fall within a certain budget because of the wide variations in labor and materials costs.

How personalized are the designs?

Short answer - entirely! Have a favorite oak tree you want to design around? An awkwardly sloping lawn? A lot of shade? All designs are completely personalized to your yard, your needs, and your environmental conditions. There will be opportunities to share information about your space in our online Space Assessment as well as during your video call with your designer.

Design Process

Tell me more about Tilly's process?
Getting started on a landscape design project with Tilly is simple!
1. Purchase a Package: Think about which yard(s) - front, back, side - you would like to design and make sure you know the approximate size of your property. These items will help determine which package is best for you. From there, you can review Tilly's different add-ons to your design package, including 3D images and lighting plans. To get started, visit our Design page.2. Create a Profile: Once your purchase is complete, you will be directed to create a login for your own personal project dashboard. This will be your home base with a simple step-by-step guide on how to move through the process. Starting with the creation of your design profile, including photos of your property, inspiration images, measurements and a Tilly Space Assessment.3. Meet Your Designer: Read up on your designer through your project dashboard, where you will also be prompted to schedule your 1:1 consult. Conduct a video (or phone) call with your designer to walk them through your priorities and show them around your yard.4. Design Magic: Your designer will confirm the measurements and top priorities for your project and then get to work on designing the yard of your dreams. This step typically takes 2-3 weeks, but trust us, it's worth the wait!5. Voila! Design Delivered: Once you've reviewed your plans you have 45 days to submit any revisions. Then, it's time to start thinking about the installation!6. Order Your Trees & Plants! Once you've finalized your landscape plans you can speak with our Plant Whisperer team at Bower & Branch about ordering your trees and plants. They will review your list and seamlessly coordinate a delivery to your front door fresh from the grower. Then you (or a landscaper) can start planting!
How long does it take to get my design?

The first few steps are up to you, but once the designer has what they need, design packages are delivered within 2-3 weeks with an additional week added for revisions. Timelines may be a bit extended during holidays or our busy season.

What is a property survey and do I need one?

A property survey is a document often included in your closing documents upon the purchase of your home. It is a scaled outline of property lines as well as the footprint of your home and any other major structures. If your property is over 1 acre we require a property survey for design. If it is under an acre we don't require one, but strongly encourage it as our plans are scaled to your property. If previous work has been done on your house there is a good chance the local building department will have a copy.

Who will be involved in designing my plan?

Tilly's landscape designers have been hand selected and trained in our new online approach to landscape design. We have a team of extremely talented landscape architects, designers and horticulturalists weighing in on each design. Our design team is based throughout the US with expertise in all different zones.

What should I expect from my video call with my designer?

A friendly conversation! Your landscape designer will ask about you, your home, your personal style, the use of your indoor and outdoor spaces, and what you want to achieve with your project. Whenever possible, we prefer to use video chat where you walk us around your yard.

Can I revise my plan?

One round of revisions is included in each design package within 45 days of receiving your initial plan. If additional changes are needed they can be done for a fee, which will depend on the scope of work required. Note that needing a second round of revisions is extremely rare!

Tell me about your plant delivery service?
Our plant fulfillment center, Bower & Branch has an expansive network of growers across the U.S. and will deliver your tree and plant list to your front door. They offer an extraordinary assortment of sizable, mature trees, shrubs and perennials sourced directly from expert growers. They are dedicated to sustainable growing methods and unparalleled freshness. Learn more here.

Design Services

What is included in a design package?

Design Packages are built to meet your needs and vary from customer to customer. Visit our Design page to build your own and see what is included in each. Add-ons such as 3D images and lighting plans can be included for an additional fee.

What is NOT included in a design package?

Tilly's design services are meant to provide you with a clear concept that is tailored to your personal goals and on-site conditions. We do not provide things like construction drawings, hardscape specifications (materials, quantities), progress drawings, professionally stamped documents for permitting, drainage / grading plans, or guaranteed compliance with local code and HOA guidelines. We do provide you with a great conceptual plan that can be presented to a contractor to bid on or that you can DIY yourself.

Can Tilly design hardscaping?

Yes! Almost all of our designs include hardscape elements like patios, fire pits, pergolas, etcs., however we are not able to provide detailed elevations or construction documents. Homeowners should be aware that hardscaping often requires permitting and our documents are not always suited for this.

Buying Plants & Installation

Once I have my design, what comes next?

Your plans will include a scaled digital 2D render of the space including placement for plants and hardscape, as well as a detailed list of the specific plants required to complete the project. You can connect with our Plant Whisperer team to order your plants (availability depends on your region).

Tell me more about your plant delivery service?
Absolutely, our inhouse fulfillment center, Bower & Branch can help you order all the trees and plants from your Tilly plan. Learn more on our plants page or call 866 873 3888.
Can you refer me to other related professionals?

We also have contractors in limited markets where we can make a referral. For more information on these services, please email us at

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