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Sustainability Is in Our Roots

Tilly has been committed to sustainability in landscape design since day one. Today, we’ve only deepened our commitment to the environment for the benefit of people, plants, and animals alike.

Why We Care

As people who love plants, it's easy to see why we might care about the environment but our mission goes deeper than that. Tilly was founded by a team of four passionate moms who want to run a business our kids can be proud of.

We've seen both environmental damage and the ugly side of the business world firsthand. Our goal is to leave both in the dust as we build a business that's ethical, environmentally responsible, and puts a healthy and thriving planet first.

Our experts each specialize in designing for different regions of the country and they're getting training to match the exact environmental issues that affect their areas.

Our Environmental Initiatives

Working with trusted environmental experts helps us to keep our sustainability standards high in every part of our practice. Here are our current projects and partners:

Sustainable Yards with National Wildlife Federation™

Tilly is thrilled to engage in a multifaceted affiliation with the National Wildlife Federation™, the nation's leading conservation organization! Our clients have the option to have their yard designed to be a Certified Wildlife Habitat®, a program developed by National Wildlife Federation to help increase biodiversity through wildlife gardening.

All of Tilly's landscape designers and architects go through training with the NWF to learn how to incorporate Certified Wildlife Habitat® standards into our landscape designs. That means that no matter your local climate, we can help you to create a sustainable landscape design that's an oasis for you and native species.

Carbon Neutrality with One Tree Planted

Tilly has been a carbon neutral business since we opened our virtual doors in 2019. We started by limiting our carbon footprint and by making our business entirely remote. No lengthy commutes and hours spent driving to and from job sites means no carbon emitted for travel.

For the emissions we can't avoid, we offset them through a partnership with One Tree Planted. They've planted millions of trees that absorb CO2 from the atmosphere to keep our climate healthy. As of 2022, our partnership is responsible for planting thousands of trees—and that number is just going to keep growing.

Our Landscaping Principles

Sustainability is infused into every landscape design we create. We design yards packed with native plant species that are water-wise and low maintenance. These native landscapes attract all sorts of pollinators and native wildlife. We reduce water use and reduce waste produced wherever possible. It turns out that working with nature creates a yard that's better for you and the environment! We incorporate these landscaping practices and more across three major areas:


Plant selection plays a critical role in sustainable design. Featuring native plants and noninvasive species is scientifically proven to improve environmental conditions in many ways including creating habitats for native species.

  • Increased Biodiversity

  • Water Conservation

  • Carbon Sequestration

  • Soil Health


Using sustainable building materials can help to reduce the environmental toll of your landscaping. We focus on materials that are durable, recyclable and reusable, made with eco-friendly practices, and low impact on your environment.

  • Water Conservation

  • Lower GHG Emissions

  • Waste Reduction


A thoughtful use of plants and materials is the surest way to make your landscape low maintenance. We keep upkeep green and wildlife-friendly with electric equipment, organic treatments, composting, and more.

  • Increased Biodiversity

  • Water Conservation

  • Lower GHG Emissions

  • Waste Reduction

  • Soil Health

We're proud of the progress we've made over the last few years

and we're looking forward to expanding our positive impact even more in the years to come. If you share our passion and want to read up on how you can incorporate sustainable landscaping techniques in your own backyard, explore our blog, Out of the Weeds. We're sharing all our best eco-friendly tips there because we don't gatekeep sustainability!

& we're all in this together.

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Grace, New Jersey


“Tilly helped me create a beautiful pollinator garden and cutting garden in my backyard. It’s really increased our love of spending time outdoors.”

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