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Client Review: A Mid Century Ranch in Charleston Gets a New Yard

By Axis Fuksman-Kumpa February 7, 2022

Photographer Margaret Wright in front of her home

Tilly partnered with interior design photographer Margaret Wright in Charleston to update her mid-century ranch home’s yard. Margaret photographs Charleston’s most beautiful homes. Seriously, check out her Instagram and the beautiful home decor and living spaces she features. She has an amazing eye for design so we knew her yard had to reflect her creative personality.

Check out Margaret's Tilly review about her virtual landscape design process and take a deeper dive into her landscape design plan and what she’ll be implementing this spring.

Why did you decide to use Tilly?

I heard about Tilly through a friend who had used the service and whose landscaping looked incredible. I also loved the simplicity and convenience of working with an online company of experts like Tilly. I also love the story of the company being a woman-owned business and the long friendships that came together to form this company.

What was the Tilly online landscape design process like?

It was truly so easy. After filling out a brief survey on design preferences, budget, and goals for the space, I had a conversation with my designer and she took it from there. The only other step was confirming her measurements of the space, and then she put together my renderings and plan.

A Mid Century Ranch Home in Charleston Before Landscape DesignFront Yard Before
3D Render of a Front Yard Landscape Design PlanFront Yard After
A Mid Century Ranch Backyard in Charleston Before Landscape DesignBackyard Before
3D Render of a backyard landscape designBackyard After

What did you think about Tilly being remote?

The fact that the entire process is virtual was a huge plus for me. With all the information we have today, there’s no reason not to work with someone who may not be down the road. It was easy to set up a video call that worked for both of our schedules and communicate via email the rest of the time without having to worry about in person appointments, or a pandemic for that matter.

What were the priorities and goals for your landscape design?

I wanted my design to be simple, low maintenance, budget friendly and beautiful. I live in Charleston, so I wanted that coastal feel without looking like everybody else’s. I wanted to mix in a bit of a Palm Springs feel to go with my midcentury ranch house, and I wanted to highlight the things I already love in our yard, like our Italian Cypress trees.

Lansdcape Design Planting PlanMargaret's Planting Plan
Lighting Plan for Landscape DesignMargaret's Lighting Plan

What did you think of your final landscape design plan?

I was completely blown away by my landscape design! The renderings were absolutely incredible, so true to life that I could be convinced they were real (and wish they were!). I could tell my designer listened to everything I said and added so many thoughtful touches that will work for our home and lifestyle. She also came up with so many solutions I would never in a million years have thought of, like the breeze block accent and privacy walls.

What are you most excited for in your new front and backyard?

I think the breeze block walls will make such a visual impact, and the firepit and deck design will really elevate the backyard.

I honestly couldn’t believe how simple and rewarding this process would be. Now I’m telling everyone I know to consider Tilly for their landscape design!

3D Render of a Front Yard Landscape Design PlanMargaret's Tilly Plan
3D render of a landscap design plan

Gravel parking is set parallel with Margaret's drive-way and is framed by two low breeze-block walls. These white elements compliment the style and color palette of her Mid Century ranch home and are set off at night by exterior up-lighting.

3D render of a landscap design plan
3D render of a landscap design plan

Margaret is more interested is in plant leaf color and texture rather than flowers. Therefore her landscape designer chose to use evergreen plants in the design as a way to maintain interest all year long.

3D render of a landscap design plan
3D render of a landscap design plan

Margaret's desired color palette was sage, jade, dark green and dark purple. Plants selected to achieve this palette included Thread Agave, Spiral Aloe, Black Hens and Chicks, Cream De Mint Pittosporum and Sweetmaroon Myrtle. The lines of the garden beds are modern and straight and are filled with a minimal selection of plants. Plants were chosen for their architectural structure, such as Mexican Grass Tree and Coontie.

3D render of a landscap design plan
3D render of a landscap design plan

For privacy from the neighbors, shrubs along the sides of the backyard fill in the gaps between the existing shrubs. Three new Cypress trees were added to the side of the front yard to add a bit more privacy and block the view of the neighbor’s Azaleas.

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