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Client Review: Designing A Classic New England Yard

By Alexis November 8, 2019


We’re excited to share a recent project with Aubrey Yandow of The Coastal Confidence, a fabulous blogger who explores and reveres all things New England. Aubrey and her boyfriend recently bought a home that they have been renovating (check out their amazing work) and while she knew exactly what she wanted for the interiors, she needed a little direction for the exterior.

So, that's where Tilly stepped in! In keeping with the theme of her surroundings and her Cape home, she partnered with Tilly to help maximize curb appeal with a heavy dose of New England charm (i.e. hydrangeas galore!). First, Aubrey worked with her designer to collaborate on a master plan that could be phased in over time, and as her home improvement budget allowed. Then Aubrey began slowly installing plants this fall (that's right DIY'ers - you can do it yourself!) and she plans to do more in the spring - we can't wait to see her dreams come to life.

Check out Aubrey's Tilly client review and Q&A below.

Aubrey and Matt have been documenting their renovation of a fixer upper!

Matt and I finally completed our indoor renovations! You can check out almost all of our projects from start to finish on our Youtube channel. Now, we’re on to exterior remodeling.Today we’re discussing our fall landscaping plan with you all!

Initial plans for the exterior renovation of our New England fixer-upper made me really worried. I’m generally aware of what I am good at and admit were my flaws my be. I have no issue creating interior spaces, building out closets, and shiplap-ing ceilings. But, the idea of creating an entire landscaping plan was not in my capacity. That is until Tilly!

One day while going through my mailbox, I received an email from Tilly. Now, whenever I get an email from a brand, I first and foremost go to their website and look for a mission statement. With a click of the mouse, I stumbled upon Tilly’s mission statement that reads: Our mission is to “take the intimidation out of the world of landscaping and make high-end, beautiful design available to every homeowner.”

Needless to say, those words were music to my ears and I quickly took Tilly up on the opportunity to help Matt and I design our landscaping plan!

I completed the intake survey, provided a space assessment, and chatted with my landscape designer, Blythe, to create the plans you see below! Throughout the process, I learned the best part about Tilly is how efficient and thorough the designers are. Plus, Tilly worked with my hectic schedule – and they’ll work with yours too! I utilized all their communication options including Facetime, emailing, and text messaging. The whole experience was really personal to my needs as Matt and I continue to make our house our home. Thanks to Tilly, we now have a renovation gameplan!

Coastal Confidence New England Yard Plans

You can check out Aubrey's blog post to find out how we tackled her needs, budget and more! Be sure to follow The Coastal Confidence on Instagram for some New England charm!

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