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Client Review: The Perfect Outdoor Patio

By Axis Fuksman-Kumpa July 28, 2021


Chelsea and her husband live outside Chicago and had wanted to update their backyard for years, but were overwhelmed at the lengthy and expensive process. Then Covid hit and they discovered the simplicity of Tilly and decided to go for it! Read Chelsea's Tilly review about about embarking on their backyard project to create an outdoor entertaining oasis they’ll use forever.

Why did you decide to use Tilly?

My husband and I had been wanting to do our backyard patio for about 5 years. I found out about Tilly on instagram via a blogger that I started following. They were showing what their process was like and I fell in love with this “new way” to have a drawing done for our backyard living space. We already knew that we had the contractors to do the work; it was just finding the right design.

What was the process like?

The process started off with myself choosing what package I wanted from Tilly. I knew we really only needed the backyard patio done but I was open to plants surrounding it. Once I purchased my design package I had a call with my designer shortly after. From there we went over the certain aspects of the patio that we for sure wanted to be included in our design. We were not too picky on the exact plants that were designed in our space. We concentrated more on wanting the patio to be a modern addition to our current home.

Before and After of a Landscape Design Plan
Before Landscape Design & Tilly's 3D Render After

What did you think about it being remote?

I LOVED that the process was remote. It really helped that this process was remote this year as well because COVID seemed to mess everything up for everyone LOL. So with this process being remote I felt like we got everything done that we could have in person. We also liked that the process was easy to schedule and work around our work schedules.

What was your FaceTime call with your designer like? Did you prepare or just jump in?

Our FaceTime call was exciting. I was eager to hear what ideas or thoughts our designer had once we started discussing the look we envisioned. We really only prepared by knowing that we wanted a few different areas for the patio (fire pit, dining table, and lounge area). We also knew that we wanted our stone to be more on the modern/simple look. Once we gave our designer these details he went to work!

Landscape Design Planting Plan
Landscape Design Planting Plan

What were some of your priorities for your design?

Our main priorities were that we wanted it to have a modern look and feel.

We wanted the patio to feel like it had a fluid layout based on the different areas we were trying to have like I stated in the above question.

What did you think of your final plan?

We couldn’t be happier with our final plan. We had to add a retaining wall to our plan because of how my slope our yard actually had but that didn’t really change the look or feel of what was designed for us by Tilly.

Landscape Design After Photo
After Photo

How have your yard renovations changed your families’ outdoor time?

For the better! We enjoy watching our two little boys play outside now from our new patio. We love spending quality time as a family and entertaining with our friends. It is funny because I can’t remember where we used to hang out now that we have this extended outdoor living space.

After Photos

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