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Creating a Fire Pit Nook, featuring Solo Stove

By Tilly Design April 14, 2021

Tropical Fire Pit Style

If you haven’t heard of Solo Stove, check this sleek stainless steel fire pit that thanks to a signature airflow design gives you a smokeless fire. Yes, that’s right - no more musical chairs avoiding smoke! They come in different sizes, most are portable, which is great for moving it around your yard, bringing it to a beach, a friend’s house or camping!

Of course, once you have a cool fire pit, you want an equally cool space around it. That’s why Tilly partnered with Solo Stove for a fun virtual event on designing a fire pit space in your yard. These tips could apply to any space and style, so here were some of our key takeaways on creating a fire pit nook for your yard:

Things to Consider when Creating a Fire Pit Nook for Your Yard:

Furniture for Your Fire Pit Nook

  • Movable furniture makes it easier for people to find their comfort zone around the fire, while fixed seating ensures people stay at a safe distance.

Location of Your Fire Pit

  • Think about how you and your family want to use your space. Do you want the fire pit close to the home for easy access or further away so it feels more natural and secluded?

Creating a Style for Your Fire Pit

Tilly designs to your specific garden style and Solo Stoves are very versatile! Here’s a breakdown on how to get different style fire pit nooks for your yard with a Solo Stove, or any fire pit:


Ensconce your Solo Stove with a circular wooden bench or modern lounge furniture to define a clean, modern backyard space. Take it even further by utilizing big, precast concrete pavers with gravel joints to create a bold walkway.

Tilly Rendering with Solo Stove


Irregular-shaped flagstone pavers filled with gravel in between evoke the scene of an inviting cottage in the woods. Bring even more comfort to your space with tight plantings of perennial herbs, such as rosemary or tarragon that can easily be added to the food you’re grilling.

Tilly Rendering with Solo Stove


Think of adirondack chairs on the beach -- and just like that, you’ve got a classic style that’s been popular for over a century. Throw the chairs around your fire pit and relax!

Tilly Rendering with Solo Stove


An eclectic style is the easiest to adopt in your backyard. For this, just pick pieces you like, no matter the style, and they will go together! You can even blend playfulness and functionality by putting your Solo Stove fire pit inside an enclosure for a more interactive experience.

Tilly Rendering with Solo Stove


Many create a fire pit area using gravel. A tropical design is the same, but using sand instead! Top it off with palm trees and big umbrellas!

Tilly Rendering with Solo Stove

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