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Client Review: Curb Appeal from Dreary to Dreamy!

By Blythe Yost August 13, 2019


Today on the blog we’re featuring another Q&A with a Tilly customer! Check out what this family has to say about their experience with Tilly… and if they plan to appear on HGTV soon! We also always like to remind beginner gardeners that new plants need some time to mature and fill in after they have been planted (yes, patience - never easy!). Our design team often references the Old Gardener’s Adage “The first year they sleep, the second they creep, and the third they leap!”

Check out this Tilly customer review below.

Why did you decide to use Tilly?

Tilly was EXACTLY what I was looking for. We had done an extension on the front of our house and the landscaping sat empty for over a year because I didn't know where to start. I would go to a nursery and could pick out what I liked but had no idea how well the plants would do in my full sun front yard or how far apart they needed to be spaced. If they "played well" with other plants that I liked. All of these were very overwhelming to the point that I'd just stopped looking.

What was the process like?

The process was so easy. I took numerous pictures of the front of the house from all angles, filled out the survey questions and waited for my call. When I spoke with my Tilly designer we went through a series of questions. Anything from what colors I liked, what my home design style was (inside and out), if I had any favorite plants or flowers, etc. It was very detailed, but not overwhelming and lasted about 30 - 40 minutes.

Then came my design and I LOVED it right away. My designer incorporated all of the colors and plants I had mentioned and proposed some ideas along the walkway that I would never have thought of. I especially loved the details on each plant proposed. I had another call with the designer to review the layout and address any questions or changes I had. I didn't have any but based on my discussion, my designer decided to change the ground cover to one that suited my style better.

What did you think about it being remote?

I actually think it was better for me being remote. I had to find the time for the calls but I didn't have to go meet somewhere or have someone come to the house. With young children it took the worry of them running around and distracting from the process and discussions.

What did you think of your final plan?

I loved it so much, I didn't have a single change.

Tilly offers installation in the New York tri-state area and you did your install through Tilly. How did that go?

I trusted Tilly so much I wasn't even home the day of the installation. I left for work and when I came home I had a beautifully custom landscaped yard and I couldn't have been happier. The care and attention to detail was amazing. It was like an HGTV reveal without the cameras and worrying about my outfit :)

What do you think of your final results?

They get better and better each day. Everything is filling in nicely and growing so fast. I'm happy that all the plants are still alive, if I had done this one my own I am positive half would be brown by now. I love pulling up to my house and admiring how good it looks. While I'm sitting out on my front porch people walk by and tell us how nice the house looks, it's great to hear it from strangers.

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