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Client Review: A Unique Property Layout in Westchester

By Blythe Yost July 2, 2019

Small Backyard Entertaining

Tilly client's Erin and Chris had recently moved from New York City to Westchester, New York. Their new fixer-upper had a neglected and overgrown landscape and they weren't sure where to start with their yard. Their property had some challenges, such as a shared driveway, unique shaped property and lack of privacy from their backyard neighbors. They needed a functional full yard design, outdoor space to entertain, and privacy to run around with their two young children. Local landscape designers were out of their budget and then they found Tilly!

Check out Erin's Tilly client review and her experience with Tilly’s designers and what their family (and neighbors) think of their new yard design.

Why did you decide to use Tilly for your Landscape Design?

We bought a fixer-upper three years ago and the house had NO landscape. Everything was overgrown, there was no yard - we referred to it as the jungle. We knew we needed professional landscape design help but the quotes we received from local landscape companies were significantly out of our budget.

We were so excited to learn of Tilly’s services since they were a fraction of the cost of the local landscape design companies. We signed up to be Tilly customers right away.

Before and After Landscape Design
Before & After Front Yard Curb Appeal (immediately after installation)

What was the remote landscape design process like?

The process was unbelievably easy and fast. After sending our survey and a few images, I had a video call with my Tilly designer, showing her all around our yard. We have an odd shaped property and she gave me such great ideas to fully utilize our space. We talkec about more than just the plants - she confirmed my idea for a back patio, recommended adding black shutters and window boxes, she made suggestions of how to better incorporate our side yard and even recommended lighting options for a weeping willow in our front yard.

Being remote worked better for my schedule. I work full-time and have two young kids so it’s not easy to constantly meet with vendors. This was all done at my convenience.

What did you think of your final landscape design plan?

We received our final Tillly landscape deisgn plan within two weeks - so fast compared to other local landscape design company options I researched! - and couldn’t have been more excited. We loved every aspect of it and it met all of our requirements: we needed it to offer privacy, be low maintenance, and give us space for our family to be outside. It was impressive how well Tilly’s plan fit our personalities, complemented our house and blended into the neighborhood from just a video call.

They were able to include our favorite existing plants, like our hydrangeas and crepe myrtles, into the plan. It also helped us appreciate that other plants we didn’t love in our yard before could be so much prettier when included as part of a professional design. The design rendering provided the visual that I needed to finally believe that we could have a real yard. I was afraid I was going to sacrifice something by using a remote designer, but my Tilly designer was a great match for us and was also in our region - it was just remote! She was really helpful and very knowledgeable in all aspects of design and plant materials.

Tillys Landscape Design Plan
Tilly's Landscape Design Plan

Now that you’ve started installing, what do you think?

We absolutely love our yard! We finally have a place to be outside with privacy AND have curb appeal. Our 2 year old runs around the yard and always wants to eat dinner outside. In fact, a neighbor just commented that the whole street is thankful for how we changed the landscape so we know we’re not the only ones who love it!

Although we’ve done quite a bit of work already, we’re doing the installation in phases. That’s been the best part about the Tilly service - we have the full plan but can do it on a schedule that best fits our own timeline and budget.

Small Backyard Entertaining
Entertaining Backyard with String Lights

The most rewarding part of our design has been the neighborhood reception! After we started installing people would stop and compliment our yard daily! One time we even had someone ring our doorbell to ask who we worked with for landscape design. It's been exciting to go from an eye sore to a really charming house in the neighborhood.

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