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Client Review: Maximizing the Backyard

By Axis Fuksman-Kumpa October 5, 2021

Backyard Modern Design

Jeanette and her family came to Tilly to maximize their backyard space. They wanted something for everyone to enjoy- a playspace for kids, in-ground trampoline, meditation pavilion, vegetable garden, and room to entertain friends in their backyard. Tying all these features into their blank space was an overwhelming task and that’s when they turned to Tilly. Their Tilly designer was able to create a serene oasis that flowed and included everything they wanted. Their landscape design plan was complete with beautiful native plants that provide a habitat for pollinators, a mixture of grasses with contrasting textures, and seasonal pops of color.

Jeanette was happy to report back that she loved her design and how it also captured their fun, contemporary style. Read more about Jeanette’s experience with Tilly!

Why did you decide to use Tilly?

After considering a few other options, Tilly provided the best options for our needs, including 3D rendering and a lighting option.

What was the process like?

The process was pretty straightforward and thorough. There was an initial inquiry into our preferences and tastes and then a consultation with our designer and then finally the design.

Texas Backyard Before Landscape Design
Before Photo

What were some of your priorities for your design?

The main priority was to create a space that served the needs of a growing family with different needs and ages. We also needed some flexible spaces, a drought sensitive planting plan and a space for our dog.

Landscape Design Planting Plan
Tilly's Planting Plan

What did you think of your final plan?

The final plan honestly exceeded our expectations and impressed everyone who we showed.

Landscape Design 3D Renders
Tilly's 3D Visual Renders

What were some of the benefits of having a professional design your space?

I didn’t realize how much thought, planning, knowledge about plants and spatial intelligence would be required to create a plan like this. I can’t imagine how much time we saved hiring a professional. Also, I am not sure I could have pulled off a design like this on my own.

You purchased 3D images - were those helpful for you?

Extremely, we are very visual people, and this gives us a more robust idea of the final plan and what it would look like.

What did you think about it being remote?

I prefer remote, especially with the current state of affairs.

Modern Backyard Rendering
3D Render

What was your FaceTime call with your designer like? Did you prepare or just jump in?

The call was scheduled after the initial questionnaire was completed, so we had a place to start from. Other than that, there was no preparation. A lot of what was discussed in the call was addressed in the questionnaire.

Stay tuned for after photos!

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