A hot tub is a fabulous addition to a yard, but they are not always the prettiest feature. Luckily there are some simple design tips that can help how to integrate a hot tub into your surrounding landscape. Check out the below advice from our team.

How to Integrate a Hot Tub into Your Landscape

Add a Pergola Overhead

A great way to integrate a hot tub and elevate the look of it is to add a pergola over it with some creeping vines. This will add shade for comfort, plants or flowers for color and helps create a feeling of an outdoor “room”. It’s also a nice element of privacy. A string of lights on the pergola will add an extra flair of coziness. 

Sink into a Wooden Platform

Partially sink the hot tub into your deck or build a wooden platform around it so it feels more integrated into the backyard. Not seeing the sides of the hot tub immediately give it a sense of belonging within its surroundings. 

Fully Sunken

You can also fully sink a hot tub in a deck or by addings walls and/or masonry work.  Generally you need to have the appropriate site condition, usually a change in elevation, as one side of the tub needs to be accessible to reach the controls.

Add Planters

Use planters to screen the exterior siding. This is a great, inexpensive way to camouflage the walls of the hot tub and add a pop of color and beauty from all areas of the yard. 

Hot Tub Style & Decor Elements

Use pavers or stepping stones to define a hot tub patio, which will help make it feel a part of your space rather than an imposing object. Incorporate a bench or hooks for towels nearby, which is a useful and functional addition you’ll enjoy!  

Sided Hot Tubs

There are also some cedar and wood sided hot tubs that won’t stand out as much as the traditional plastic ones that you can consider. 


How to Prepare for a Hot Tub

When selecting a location for your hot tub, keep in mind a few important things. You should try to find an area that gets good drainage so excess water doesn’t puddle at the base.  Avoid septic tanks, sewer lines or other utilities and tree roots. In addition to looking down, look up to avoid power lines or trees that will lose leaves and branches into your tub. Remember that a hot tub is heavy so it can’t just be placed on a deck. If working with Tilly, your designer can help you locate the perfect spot. 

Make sure the location has access to a hose so you can easily refill as well as an electrical outlet. You will want to arrange for an electrician to come help with the electrical service connection. This may also require an electrical permit. 

Next you will want to level the ground where you will place the hot tub. It needs to be set on a level compacted base of either gravel, concrete pad, or existing patio. Consider having a professional help you place it to make sure it’s done correctly and to avoid any injury because of the tub’s weight. 

Hot tubs do require monthly maintenance. Swim University has some great content on how to do this and what to expect when owning a hot tub. 


For more inspiration on how to add a hot tub to your yard, browse our Pinterest page on the topic!




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