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The Best Raised Garden & Watering System For Landscaping

By Garden in Minutes December 11, 2023

metal raised garden bed for container gardening

When it comes to creating your dream yard, there are many different elements to consider. From the types of plants you want to incorporate to the layout of the space, it can be overwhelming, to say the least. A majority of Tilly clients want to incorporate raised garden beds into their backyard designs. This is a feature our design team loves to include - from its practicality to it being something everyone in the family can enjoy, it’s a great addition to an outdoor space. They create a unique design element that is living, interactive, and rewarding.

Most homeowner’s envision a beautiful tidy space around their new garden beds… However, this isn’t always the reality! Most traditional raised gardens and drip irrigation lines will look messy, and disorganized, and weather after a short period.

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To solve this issue, our design team did some serious research on raised garden bed design and found Florida-based company, Garden In Minutes®. Garden In Minutes® is a newer company that started by innovating garden irrigation and created the #1-rated Garden Watering System called The Garden Grid™. With that success, they paired them with their top-rated, modular, metal raised garden beds and other customized garden accessories like custom-length garden hoses that are a designer’s dream!

Near and dear to Tilly’s heart, Garden In Minutes® is all about creating high-quality, organized, long-lasting gardens that are effortless to use - and tidy and classic looking... So, let's take a deeper dive into why raised gardens are such a great addition to your landscape design, how Garden In Minutes® products make gardening easier, and why they're the perfect choice for your landscape design.

Raised Garden Bed Designs

To ensure your new raised bed garden is successful you will want to consider the garden(s) layout, garden bed shape, climate challenges, and of course the style and appearance over time. Let’s dig into how Garden in Minutes® Raised Garden Beds tackle these issues…

Garden in Minutes metal raised garden bed

Raised Garden Bed Climate & Material Considerations

From Alaska to the Florida Keys there are a wide array of climates to consider in the U.S. Wooden garden beds have long been popular, but they only last a few years and can look weathered very early on. Plastic garden beds are an inexpensive alternative but can crack and warp.

If you have been paying attention over the last few years though you have probably seen the rise of metal garden beds. However, metal beds needed some improvement to make sure they didn’t get too hot in the sun, to make sure they didn’t rust, and to get their shape and style right for a more ideal use in landscape design. That’s why Tilly got excited about Garden In Minutes®. Garden In Minutes® garden beds use industry-leading materials like AZM (aluzinc magnesium) coated steel, food-safe paint, and food-safe stainless hardware that is meant to last decades. Their simple and built-for-quality designs lend themselves to be worry-free, long-lasting, and not easily weathered by the elements. Their materials also make their garden beds perform beautifully in hot or cold climates. Their co-founder even did a test in Florida during August (you can watch that here)!

Raised Garden Bed Shape & Appearance

Besides the material and style benefits, here are some other benefits of the Garden In Minutes® products that make them an ideal option for any yard:

  1. Geometry. Garden In Minutes® raised garden beds have square ends instead of round. This gives you and designers far more geometrically diverse garden layout options. Square ends let you put the garden beds end to end, in L shapes, T shaped, squares, rectangles, etc. Most of their competitors use round ends, which from a design perspective is limiting since having two round surfaces or a round surface going against a flat surface, creates void space.

  2. Simple Integrated Irrigation. Since Garden In Minutes® makes their patented Garden Grid™ watering system and Raised Beds perfectly sized for each other, and earth-toned custom-length hoses to match, their gardens can be easily connected without any plumbing work required, so they can all water simultaneously. You simply connect their short hoses from one to the next. This is a significant cost and effort saver. By having the key elements of your garden design all made for each other, you maintain a consistent appearance and keep the space organized and tidy.

garden in minute raised garden beds in a small backyard

Raised Garden Bed Irrigation

One of the best things about raised gardens is that they add an interactive and changing element to your landscape design. With plants cycling in and out based on seasons, you always have something new, growing, or changing. You nurture plants to maturity, enjoy their harvest, and then replace them with something different as seasons change. This creates a dynamic and ever-changing space that is always evolving.

For a dynamic and functional outdoor space, structure is essential. However, simplicity is equally important for enjoying it. The simple fact is, whatever you grow will need water to thrive and without structure and simplicity this can become a big job to set up and maintain. That's where the Garden In Minutes® patented Garden Grid™ watering system comes into play.


The Garden Grid™ waters all plants within its planting squares with 16 gentle water streams, ensuring that none go thirsty. If your climate requires more or less watering, you can easily adjust the Garden Grid's™ water output by adjusting a valve.

veggie garden watering system


The Garden Grid’s™ grid pattern is used to guide you in planting by area instead of rows, which is also called square foot gardening. This method allows you to grow more plants in less space while reducing the need for weeding. Additionally, the Garden Grid™ layout provides organized and comprehensive ground-level watering for your plants, which is better than traditional drip irrigation or soaker hose methods that often look messy and disorganized and do not water evenly. Garden In Minutes® custom-length hoses also ensure that your garden stays neat and tidy, without excess length coiled up somewhere.

herb garden watering system


2013. Original Garden Grids™ from 2013 are still in use today. A stat we were shocked by. If you have ever used a drip kit, you will know this is an impressive stat. Quality designs save time, effort, and long-term cost and of course, look good for longer.

The Final Say + What To Do

So, overall, incorporating raised garden beds into your landscape design is a great way to create a unique, interactive, and rewarding space that is always changing and evolving. And with the use of our design team’s recommendation, Garden In Minutes®, you can be sure that your garden will be organized, long-lasting, and low-maintenance while staying beautiful along with the rest of your landscape design.

You can visit to check them out or tell your Tilly designer you’re planning to add a Garden In Minutes® raised garden bed to your yard and they can incorporate it into the design.

Finally, as a special bonus, Tilly blog readers get an exclusive discount at Use the code TILLY10 at checkout for 10% off!

Happy Designing!

raised garden bed in a metal Garden in Minutes garden bed
garden in minutes metal raised garden bed in gravel with a paver walkway
metal corrugated raised garden bed in gravel with a paver walkway in a raised garden bed area of a backyard

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