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Spotlight on a Tilly Designer: Zoe!

By Blythe Yost August 19, 2019


We sat down with our fabulous New York-based Tilly landscape designer, Zoe and asked her some questions about herself, her career, what plants she’s growing at home, working with Tilly, and more! Read below and feel free to chime in with any questions.

Why did you want to be a landscape designer?

It combined a lot of the things that I wanted out of a career. I wanted to have an opportunity to spend time outside, learn about and be around plants, and flex my creative muscles. It seemed like the perfect solution!

Where did you grow up and how did it influence your designs?

I grew up in a suburb of Chicago. A lot of my family members and neighbors were very interested and involved in upkeeping their gardens. I feel like gardening is a big part of the culture and really valued where I grew up so that definitely influenced my appreciation for residential landscaping.

Biggest garden mistakes you frequently see in homeowner’s curb appeal?

Pruning! So often shrubs are pruned incorrectly into little sad meatballs and it drives me nuts!

Where do you draw inspiration?

Honestly, Pinterest. It is really fun to just get lost in pinterest landscaping photos. You can always find beautiful designs to be inspired by.

Favorite garden style?

I would have to say English. I get very excited by a gorgeous perennial border. It’s hard to beat that!

If you were a plant, what would you be?

Japanese Anemone. They have cute little flowers and bloom in the fall. I am definitely a fall.

In your opinion, what’s the most beautiful place you have ever visited?

That is really hard. More than anything I love a lookout from a high vantage point. I love long expansive views, so somewhere mountainous. I recently went to Telluride Colorado and it was so beautiful.

How many plants do you have in your home?

At the moment, 5. (2) Hibiscus, (1) Avocado tree, and of course (2) Tilly

Last plant that died on your watch?

My third Tilly :(

Would you rather mulch all day or prune all day?

I would much rather prune all day. I have mulched all day and it was not fun so I am just betting pruning all day would be better than that!

What’s your favorite outdoor activity?

Going to parks. Big and small.

What’s your favorite part about Tilly?

I really like getting to see all the different types of yards and spaces that people live in. It’s cool to see properties all over the country and meet the different people who live there.

What’s been one of your favorite Tilly projects and why?

There was a very unique sloped property in California that was a fun challenge.

What’s the one thing people get wrong about your profession most often?

I think the label landscape architect is a little confusing. People wonder if you are an architect or a gardener. It can also be hard to explain because often times good landscape design looks like it was always there and was meant to be there. You notice when things don’t seem quite right but when they seem just right it seems natural. As if no human had a hand in it.

Favorite home/decor store?

West Elm. I just love all the little random items they have.

Favorite food? (Just because, who doesn’t want to hear about food).

Corn dogs!

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