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Why Understanding Your Garden Style Matter

Cottage Garden style backyard in Tennessee

Most likely you can tell your friend the style of your home, your interior design style and the style of cars you like — but do you know your garden style? As landscape designers we find that many homeowners aren’t sure how to describe their garden style.

Tilly groups garden styles into 8 main categories: Modern, Cottage, Classic, Eclectic, Formal, Tropical, Southwestern and Naturalistic. There are many sub categories that can be achieved through the right style furniture and decor. Understanding your preferences towards different styles can help you design your space and make it cohesive – or help you successfully relay your style and vision to your designer. 

Knowing your garden style can be a crucial step in designing a space that you and your family will love. Why? 

Knowing Your Garden Style Helps Identify Proper Plant Choices 

If you or your designer understand your garden style it’s easier to select plants that will fit that look. Designers understand what plants can be grouped together to achieve a certain garden style. Being able to clearly communicate to your designer will make this process easier. 


Gardens that Reflect Your Lifestyle

Every space that comes across a landscape designer’s desk is as different as each client. The best landscapes are not only beautiful, but work with your life in particular. Therefore, understanding your lifestyle is also key to understanding your garden style. The way your designer will approach a formal or an eclectic garden will be different depending on how you use your space and who is using it. Having the words to describe both will help the design process go smoothly. 


Garden Maintenance

Knowing your garden style may also inform a maintenance regime. All landscapes need some kind of maintenance.  But what exactly that entails depends greatly on your style goals. A modern row of ornamental grasses may need to be cut back a couple times a season in order to keep lines visually clean. On the other end of the spectrum, a naturalistic garden may appear to run wild, but truly needs a deep weeding a few times a season to keep invasive species at bay.

Maintenance is a big and ongoing part of the design of your space, so establishing a system that aligns with your style is a must.

Updating an Inherited Landscape & Yard

Unless you are moving into a new build, you are purchasing a home from a previous owner. The first thing most homeowner’s do is update the interior. Perhaps the walls are a questionably loud color, cabinetry is not to your liking, or other aspects just don’t seem right to your eye. While we are often quick to apply an update to the interiors with our personal touch, the same should go for our landscapes! You do not have to keep that hard-to-tame creeping juniper just because it has been there forever. Sometimes removing plants that you don’t love and leaving a space blank will help you envision a whole new look for your yard – perhaps something that works better with your personal aestehtic. A garden can be just as much of a reflection of your style as the updated floors you knew you had to change as soon as you moved in.

Your Evolving Garden 

Every design needs a refresh every now and then! Having a particular style in mind can help guide you as your garden evolves over time. Whether you need to replace one shrub that died suddenly, or desire a total overhaul after a while, knowing your garden style can be an extremely helpful tool to guide you through these changes. 


How to Determine Your Garden Style? 

Our designers at Tilly want to help bring to life a space that you absolutely love and that reflects your style and home. That is why we want to see your space in real time on a video call and talk through some major points with you before proceeding with your design. There are a few things you can do on your own time to determine your garden style: 

Take a Walk

Walk around your neighborhood and see what inspires you! Also equally important, make note of what you don’t love. This includes plants, plant colors, walkways, house colors – and more. 

Pinterest Landscape Browsing

Browse social media sites like Pinterest to see what styles you gravitate towards. Tilly has fun Pinterest boards for different styles and different regions of the US. You can also check out home websites like Houzz

Tilly’s Garden Style Quiz 

Our style quiz and client questionnaire were devised in order to help us understand your style, needs, wants, and constraints. No cookie-cutter landscapes here. Send us images of gardens you love; ask us questions about form and complexity; show us a color palette that matches your aura! We are here to help figure out your style and translate it into a beautiful, useful space.

Here are just a few things we take into consideration when weaving your style into a cohesive landscape: 

  • Plant palette
  • Paving materials 
  • Layout
  • Lines
  • Lifestyle
  • Climate
  • Maintenance
  • Structure
  • References

Don’t know your garden style yet?  Take our style quiz and figure out what it might be. Then we can help you from there. 

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