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Client Review: Easy HOA Approval in Virginia

By Axis Fuksman-Kumpa November 27, 2020

backyard hot tub rendering of a new landscape design plan

Today on the blog we’re featuring a Q&A with Tilly client, Stephen! Stephen came to us for a front yard design and was so pleased he returned for his backyard. One of Stephen's priorities was easy HOA approval, read below for some insight into his experience.

It is our hope that we start a domino effect in our neighborhood of beautiful landscaping! - Stephen

Why did you decide to use Tilly?

My wife and I have always shared an interest in landscaping but struggled to put together a cohesive and functional garden/outdoor space. We enjoyed trips to local nurseries and would commonly leave with plants we liked and thought would do well in our yard, but every spring and fall, we found ourselves ripping everything out and redoing it. We recently moved into a home where we plan to stay for a long time, and we wanted to finally do things the right way so that we could enjoy our landscaping for years to come. After seeing various Tilly projects on social media, we knew that this would be the company to help us achieve our landscaping dreams!

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How can Tilly add value to your HOA?

As a chair member on my neighborhood HOA, I see a lot of submissions for landscaping. Many of the requests end up involving large screens of evergreens and trees that are just entirely too big for the small 1⁄4 acre lots. HOAs discourage items that may be considered eye sores and ultimately devalue homes in the neighborhood. Landscaping is often overlooked and, when done right, it can dramatically improve the overall feel of a once bland community. We believe that by modeling the “right way” of landscaping, with Tilly’s help, our neighbors can see the value in picking and choosing appropriate plantings and planning garden beds and hardscaping to really fit the lot and vibe of the home. It is our hope that we start a domino effect in our neighborhood of beautiful landscaping!

What was the process like?

I had seen the ads on Instagram and they always caught my eye. I was nervous to proceed as many of the homes seemed to be unique/have existing character, and we built our home in a very "cookie-cutter" style neighborhood. Before committing, I decided I would send a message over Instagram and, to my surprise, I immediately received a response. I explained to Alexis at Tilly our recent frustration with a local designer and my fear in that Tilly wasn't tailored to our style of home. Alexis assured us that that wasn't the case at all and even asked for the local designer's plan to help her better understand our needs!

I was asked to complete a quick survey and send our plat for measurements, and I was put in touch with our designer, Lulu, the very next day. Lulu sent us her availability over the next few days, and we had our consultation booked.

Stephen's Planting Plan by Tilly

What did you think about it being remote?

In COVID times, we actually very much appreciated the option to work remotely with Lulu. We have a newborn at home and prefer this method. We weren’t sure how it would all work, but Lulu was prepared! She had clearly looked over our survey, plat, and other information we had sent prior to our meeting. She already had an idea of what our property looked like and spoke knowledgeably and confidently about a plan.

Have you had any previous experience with landscape companies? How did this compare?

We have worked with a few designers from a local landscape company. With them, we made very clear our wants and needs. We had multiple hour-long consultations and many emails back and forth and still were provided with a basic plan that did not reflect our desires or wishes and did not match the unique style we were going for. While each of the designers themselves were professional and pleasant, they did not seem to understand or have an eye for the more modern style we were looking for.

When we wrote in our survey that we did not want the typical plantings that are often seen in our area and preferred a cleaner, more modern/southwestern look, we were curious to see if we would still be provided with plans that did not reflect our wishes. Much to our delight, Tilly HEARD us. The plans we were given for both the front and rear of our home were exactly what we were looking for!

Tilly's 3D Renders

What did you think of your final plan?

We really could not be happier. As mentioned before, we knew the vibe we wanted but never could figure out how to make it happen. Each year we tried, and each year we never were satisfied. We can’t wait to get started with the install this spring!

The plan for the rear yard is more of a long-term plan that we will install in phases. We are so thrilled to have a solid plan for the finished product so that we can be intentional - and smart! - about how we go about completing the landscaping back there. We have done a lot of work inside our house to make it the home we love, and we can’t wait for the outside to feel the same! Thank you SO MUCH!

How and when do you plan to install your design?

We plan to hire a local installer we LOVE and have used before to bring the plans to fruition in the spring.

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