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Why Tilly Is the Best Online Landscape Designer

By Axis Fuksman-Kumpa June 30, 2022

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Here at Tilly, we’re passionate about designing beautiful yards for clients across the country and in Canada through our 100% online process. We’re proud to have been innovators in this new industry since we opened our business in 2019! Nowadays, we’re not alone in the online landscape design world—but there are many ways we set ourselves apart from Tilly’s competitors.

Tilly Landscape Design vs. Our Online Yard Design Competitors

It can be hard to compare the value of different online services, but we’re here to do the legwork for you. We want to give you all the info you need on how we are different so you can pick the very best professional landscape designer to make your yard shine.

The Tilly Difference

✔️ Founded by a Landscape Architect

✔️ Qualified Landscape Designers

✔️ 1 on 1 Consultation with Your Designer

✔️ Buildable Pricing

✔️ Plant Delivery

✔️ Sustainable Design Focus

Before Tilly
After Tilly

Founded by a Landscape Architect

We know the landscaping industry inside and out because we were co-founded by Blythe Yost: a career landscape architect with 15+ years of experience working on high-end landscaping projects. Tilly isn’t designed to be a cash grab in the wave of online businesses that popped up during the pandemic—we’re a team who are genuinely passionate about good landscaping and want to make it accessible to as many people as possible. We understand every step of the landscaping process from logistics to the hands-in-the-dirt details, and we want to share all of that expertise with you.

You Have a Personal Landscape Designer

Tilly matches every client with a certified landscape designer. We believe that no matter how good a “designer” might be at whipping up glossy 3D images of your proposed landscaping plan, that’s no substitute for having years of hands-on experience in the residential landscape design industry. Every one of our designers has graduated from accredited design programs and has at least 3 years of experience in the field—and most have been working for much longer than that.

Moreover, Tilly’s designers each have specialized training in landscaping different areas of the country, meaning they’re uniquely knowledgeable about the plants and hardscape that will thrive in your backyard. If you’re in drought-prone California, it doesn’t make any sense for you to work with a designer who’s only worked in New England, and we know that.

Before Tilly
After Tilly

One-on-One Design Consultations

Tilly knows that just looking at photos of your yard online or your responses to a written survey isn’t enough to tell us exactly what you’re looking for. That’s why we conduct a video chat with your designer and do one-on-one virtual walkthroughs of your space with every client.

Why? It allows us to start conversations and ask the important questions, like:

  • “Is this the path you usually follow to get from your back door to your patio? How can we make it more functional for you?”
  • “We talked about incorporating a vegetable garden here, but the light looks a little low—is it like this all day?”
  • “Oh wow, your neighbors have a clear view of your hot tub! Should we build privacy screening into your design?”
  • “What does the perfect afternoon outside look like for you?”

These video calls capture all the details that would be missed by a designer who doesn’t really know you, and reflect them back in a custom landscape plan that’s perfectly customized to the way you want to use your space.

Buildable Pricing for Your Comfort

Tilly is an affordable option for landscape design because our plans offer everything you need and nothing you don’t. You pick a design package to match the outdoor spaces you want to make over (front yard, backyard, or the full 360º), and then choose the particular add-ons you want. Our add ons include side yards, 3D renders, and lighting plans. Our plans start at just $429, and you get to decide exactly how much you spend.

Before Tilly
Pool and Deck DesignAfter Tilly

Plant Delivery Made Easy

The Tilly team is available to help even after we deliver your custom landscape plans. We take things a step further by offering delivery of every plant we recommend in our plans—and at a sizable discount thanks to our professional wholesale partners.

We can deliver anywhere in the continental United States, adjust your planting list to match your preferences, and then join you virtually during the delivery to make sure everything is up to our standards. You’re no longer limited to whatever happens to be in stock at your local nursery—you’ve got a whole world of plants at your fingertips.

Before Tilly
After Tilly

Sustainable Priority

Tilly has teamed up with the National Wildlife Federation™ to help homeowners across the country easily design sustainable landscape plans for their yards! All of Tilly’s landscape designers and architects are going through in-depth training with the NWF to learn how to incorporate their Certified Wildlife Habitat® standards into our landscape designs. No matter your local climate, our design team has the know-how to create a sustainable landscape design that’s an oasis for you and native species.


If you’re ready to branch out from the high price tag, long wait time, and unpredictable results of traditional landscaping packages, we believe that Tilly is the perfect option for you! Your dream Tilly backyard design is waiting for you, whether you’re looking for a dreamy pool design, a cozy fire pit to lounge around, flourishing garden beds, or all of the above. We’re here to design a landscape plan that’s exactly what you need and nothing extra. Still have questions? Check out how it works!

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Container style planting boxes
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retaining walls with full gardens by an outdoor dining area
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backyard fire pit area in a garden

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