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How It Works

Receive Your Custom Landscape Design With Just Three Steps

1. Build Your Design Profile

This is your first opportunity to share inspiration and goals for the project, as well as details about the property's existing conditions. Logged into a personal project dashboard, you will be taken through a comprehensive space assessment to start defining the scope of your landscape design project and then will be prompted to upload photos and measurements of your yard.

2. Collaborate with Your Designer

Once you are matched with a designer, it's time to schedule a virtual consultation in your yard. Think of this as a video site visit where you walk them around, highlight trouble areas and dive deeper into your vision for the project.

3. Finalize Your Design

The design process will take 2-3 weeks. Once you receive your design package, we'll share some tips on how to read and review your plans. If needed, one round of revisions are included in your design package. Additional revisions or alternate concepts are available for an extra fee. Once you love your plan, it's time to order your trees and plants and plan for your install.

What's Included In Your Design Package

Each Tilly design package has a set of core deliverables as well as optional add-ons at the time of purchase or throughout the design process.

Core Design Package:

  • Planting Plan - Scaled drawing of your new yard including garden beds, lawn, privacy hedges and all other recommended plantings.

  • Hardscape Layout - The planting plans include a scaled plan of your hardscape elements including decking, patios, walkways, driveways and built site features.

  • Plant Schedule - Detailed list of all plants recommended to fulfill your project, including size, quantity, species and common name.

  • Materials Images - Images of each recommended plant as well as conceptual images of hardscape materials and site features to help interpret your design.

  • Designer Notes - A narrative from your designer introducing your new yard and explaining major design choices and priorities.

  • Installation Guidance - Instructions to assist you with installation and maintenance practices.

Optional Add-Ons:

  • 3D Images - Our most popular add-on helps to visualize your new yard in its more mature and established future state.

  • Side Yard - Get a plan for those awkward, narrow or forgotten spaces by adding it on to your Front or Back design package. (Included in all Full design packages.)

  • Lighting Plan - Mapping of recommended exterior lighting fixtures and their placement to add ambiance and safety to your new landscape.

  • Plant Delivery - After you have finalized your plans you will work with a Plant Whisperer to purchase your trees and plants and have them delivered to your front door.

  • Large Format Print - Industry standard 24''x36'' version of your final plan mailed to your address.

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The Tilly Advantage

Learn more about how Tilly's unique approach is different than other services.

Real Designers
Work directly with a seasoned landscape designer with hands-on experience in your area. Our team includes landscape architects, horticulturists and our knowledgeable Plant Whisperer team!
Custom Plans
Receive a custom design plan addressing your needs for your unique property. We don't outsource, use templates, or take tech shortcuts. Your designer will create a personal plan for you.
Sustainable Practices
Our plans take into consideration your local environmental conditions, including water use, native plantings, ecosystem support and more.
Seamless Plant Fulfillment
Our tree and plant fulfillment team, the Plant Whisperers at Bower & Branch will source and deliver your dream trees and plants, fresh from the grower, all on your schedule.

Plant Delivery

Landscapes Designed & Delivered

Order Your Plants

Our tree and plant fulfillment center, Bower & Branch will source and deliver your plant list to your door. They offer an extraordinary assortment of sizable, mature trees, shrubs and perennials sourced directly from expert growers. Learn more here.

Seamless design to sourcing process
Expert growing methods
Unparalleled freshness
Premium mature trees available

Still Have Questions?

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Tell me more about Tilly's process?
Getting started on a landscape design project with Tilly is simple!
1. Purchase a Package: Think about which yard(s) - front, back, side - you would like to design and make sure you know the approximate size of your property. These items will help determine which package is best for you. From there, you can review Tilly's different add-ons to your design package, including 3D images and lighting plans. To get started, visit our Design page.2. Create a Profile: Once your purchase is complete, you will be directed to create a login for your own personal project dashboard. This will be your home base with a simple step-by-step guide on how to move through the process. Starting with the creation of your design profile, including photos of your property, inspiration images, measurements and a Tilly Space Assessment.3. Meet Your Designer: Read up on your designer through your project dashboard, where you will also be prompted to schedule your 1:1 consult. Conduct a video (or phone) call with your designer to walk them through your priorities and show them around your yard.4. Design Magic: Your designer will confirm the measurements and top priorities for your project and then get to work on designing the yard of your dreams. This step typically takes 2-3 weeks, but trust us, it's worth the wait!5. Voila! Design Delivered: Once you've reviewed your plans you have 45 days to submit any revisions. Then, it's time to start thinking about the installation!6. Order Your Trees & Plants! Once you've finalized your landscape plans you can speak with our Plant Whisperer team at Bower & Branch about ordering your trees and plants. They will review your list and seamlessly coordinate a delivery to your front door fresh from the grower. Then you (or a landscaper) can start planting!
How long does it take to get my design?

The first few steps are up to you, but once the designer has what they need, design packages are delivered within 2-3 weeks with an additional week added for revisions. Timelines may be a bit extended during holidays or our busy season.

What is a property survey and do I need one?

A property survey is a document often included in your closing documents upon the purchase of your home. It is a scaled outline of property lines as well as the footprint of your home and any other major structures. If your property is over 1 acre we require a property survey for design. If it is under an acre we don't require one, but strongly encourage it as our plans are scaled to your property. If previous work has been done on your house there is a good chance the local building department will have a copy.

Who will be involved in designing my plan?

Tilly's landscape designers have been hand selected and trained in our new online approach to landscape design. We have a team of extremely talented landscape architects, designers and horticulturalists weighing in on each design. Our design team is based throughout the US with expertise in all different zones.

What should I expect from my video call with my designer?

A friendly conversation! Your landscape designer will ask about you, your home, your personal style, the use of your indoor and outdoor spaces, and what you want to achieve with your project. Whenever possible, we prefer to use video chat where you walk us around your yard.

Can I revise my plan?

One round of revisions is included in each design package within 45 days of receiving your initial plan. If additional changes are needed they can be done for a fee, which will depend on the scope of work required. Note that needing a second round of revisions is extremely rare!

Tell me about your plant delivery service?
Our plant fulfillment center, Bower & Branch has an expansive network of growers across the U.S. and will deliver your tree and plant list to your front door. They offer an extraordinary assortment of sizable, mature trees, shrubs and perennials sourced directly from expert growers. They are dedicated to sustainable growing methods and unparalleled freshness. Learn more here.

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