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Blown Away

I've worked with a few different landscape companies and was blown away with Tilly's plan. It being a virtual process was the icing on the top
- Mike, CA

Absolutely Beautiful

The plants have grown in beautifully... it looks absolutely beautiful and we are so pleased. Thank You again for your guidance and expertise. I have recommended your service to many friends and neighbors
- Jocelyn, FL

Buyers Loved It!

My husband and I flip houses and we decided to give buyers a Tilly design instead of finishing the landscape on our last house. We wanted to show buyers what was possible but were pressed for time and the selling season (winter) made it impossible for us to do ourselves. In the end Tilly gave us a gorgeous final plan that we could use to sell the home. The buyers loved it and I'm sure it was one of the reasons we got full ask on the property.
- Beth, NY

Can't Wait To Use Tilly Again!

I can't say enough about Tilly. I am an interior designer that works with some of the most high end landscape design firms in Chicago. This project was on a tight budget so decided to give Tilly a try. Our designer really got to know our needs and his thoughtful design clearly reflected that. I couldn't get over the quality of the final design materials we ended up with at the end of the process. I can't wait to use Tilly again!
- Sara, IL

Tilly HEARD Us

Much to our delight, Tilly HEARD us. The plans we were given for both the front and rear of our home were exactly what we were looking for!
- Stephen, VA


I'm so excited about this project -- we never dreamed we'd ever have even a private balcony in the city, never mind a front and back yard, and to have your expert help on this project as an experienced designer is really thrilling.
- Mikhaela, NY


First of all....WOW! Your eye for design and ability to take a construction site and make it into this is incredible. We are literally BLOWN AWAY! You transformed it from a house to a home and I literally cannot wait to see this plan come to life.
- Erin, TX

Attention To Detail

WOW WOW WOW. I can't get over how much attention to detail you have. You really listened about the fence, the sitting area, plantings, even the garbage blowing in our yard from the high school down the street.
- Emily, CA

Thank You!

My designer sincerely listened to my needs and gave me a truly unique but sustainable and manageable landscape. Thank you!
- Lindsay, OH

Smooth Process

We’ve received our front yard plan and are on our way to installation. It was a really smooth and enjoyable process! So much so that we’d like to tackle our backyard with Tilly!
- Katy, MO


I loved using Tilly - it was seamless from the beginning to the end. I loved how easy and efficient it was! I loved working virtually. They really helped to make a design that works for my family and my vision; I would highly recommend their services.
- Liz, NY

Fast Turnaround Time

The service was easy to use and the turnaround time for plans was fast. I was able to discuss ideas for the yard and show the landscape designer my property all via FaceTime. The 3D rendering of my landscape plan with a description of everything to be planted was awesome. Even better, I was able to file the plan to satisfy my village’s requirements. I could not be happier with the end result.
- Alexis, NY

Beautiful Layout

We're loving the plans. My mother worked at Chicago Botanic Garden for a time and enjoys gardening as a hobby he said it was "excellent plant selection" and a "beautiful layout". There you have it - Mom approved 🙂
- Lauren, IL

Love the Design

We love the design! Thank you so much for listening and giving us such a beautiful landscape that is just our style!
- Molly, CA

Easy Process

The process was so easy, a great price and we are very happy customers—I’ve recommended you to several others.
- Andre, CA

We Need More!

You did our backyard design, which we loved! Now... we need some help with the front yard!
- Saundra, CA

Tilly Made It Easy

Wow! The plan was so much more than I ever imagined. I’d been dreading attempting this yard project and working with Tilly made it SO easy!
- Mike, NY

Super Simple Process

The process was super simple and I felt like my designer really understood my style. This was so much easier than trying to schedule with a local person and definitely less expensive. I can’t wait to install my new landscape!
- Deb, NJ

Excellent Customer Service

Just used this awesome landscaping design service online called Tilly Design! After a couple of weeks, I now have a cohesive landscaping design for my backyard. I took the measurements, and they did the design based off of my measurements. If anyone is looking for a new backyard or front yard design, especially if you want to DIY the install, this is a great place to get a beautiful design. Excellent customer service my designer, was super receptive to my requests. Of course, there will be some onsite tweaks, because this is done all online, but I couldn't ask for a better plan via this type of service. Super excited to get started on the install. My local nursery will also help me pick out the called out plants, or substitutions if necessary. Highly recommend if you need a design and can't figure it out yourself!
- Linda, CA

Definitely Recommend!

Tilly Design was amazing to work with! We love the landscaping design they came up with for our home and can’t wait to see it come to life! Definitely recommend!
- Amanda, WA

Super Professional

Super professional and easy to use! I had such a great experience with my designer and we are super happy with the plans we received! I only wish the 3D renderings were a little more budget friendly. Overall, would recommend to anyone to get a beautiful design for their space.
- Erin, IL

We're Excited!

I worked with Tilly over the winter to design a new, post-construction landscape for our front and back yards. The process was simple and fun! Our designer learned about our lifestyles and what we liked, and designed a beautiful landscape for us. We are using a local landscaper to install everything and are excited for our new outdoor space!
- Renae, CO

Beyond My Expectations!

I recently hired Tilly Design to re-vision my back patio and yard. The process was easy to follow and super thorough. I shared measurements, inspiration photos, likes and dislikes and then talked through them with our designer, via Zoom. What we received back was a thoughtful, creative and smart plan for our yard- I can't wait to see it come to life. Our designer even made sure to address drainage issues we'd been struggling with. I plan to continue working with them on the design for the front yard. Tilly delivered beyond my expectations!
- Nikola, CA


Tilly Design was AMAZING! We are so happy with our design! We have been looking for a designer for years and I am so thankful we found them.
- Shari, NY

Highly Recommend

When I moved to Colorado from the Midwest I found myself in somewhat unfamiliar territory because I wanted to be water conscious and incorporate plants suitable for xeriscape gardening here in this high desert climate and still create a beautiful garden. Tilly helped me with a design incorporating many of those types of plants in my front and backyard designs. I also struggled with how to incorporate a vegetable garden with the rest of my backyard landscape without it looking messy. It turned out great and our designer was super responsive and helpful. I highly recommend the Tilly Team.
- Monica, CO

Just Love This Team

So fun! I just love this Tilly team! They are so fun to deal with and talk with! We had a major back yard (ok ... and front yard and side yard) remodel needed with our neglected and overgrown property. When we bought the home, it was in an estate and while there was once a very thoughtful landscape plan implemented, it was now totally overgrown and didn’t suit our family. I just love how I could chat with them about what I thought would work best for us and they gave us some super easy to implement strategies to max out the space, which was ideal for us. The yard was big but pretty unusable. The plan allowed me to hire my normal landscaper to just rip stuff out here and there and lay down new sod plus add this insane 16’x8’ raised garden bed area perfect for COVID entertainment with two 5 year olds. Strawberries everyday! We also added this cool play structure area and honestly just simplified it all so that my upkeep wasn’t a full time job. I seriously didn’t know if we should put gravel or mulch down and they quickly directed me to the preferred, mess free option based on the activity (garden or play area). I can’t wait to do the front now. It has been a life changer to truly enjoy our outdoor space here in denver, just in time for great weather! While I feel like I can always get someone to execute, it was awesome for me to just have someone to bounce ideas off of. Not to mention, they could tell me every plant in my yard via a FT call so I could tell if it was worth saving or not! Bonus!
- McKinzie, CO

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