7 Simple Landscape Tips to Improve Your Home Value

By Blythe Yost

July 15, 2019

First impressions matter! We hear that all the time and it’s certainly true for your home. Whether or not you are looking to sell, a thoughtful landscape design can help you enjoy your property and increase your home value 10-20% in a competitive market. In a quieter market, it can be the deciding factor to purchase a home.

People make judgements as soon as their car pulls up so here are some Tilly tips to invest wisely into your landscape and curb appeal.

7 Simple Landscape Tips to Improve Your Home Value


Someone steps out of the car and begins walking up to your house. They are looking at the house, the roof, the trees, the neighbors – make sure they don’t trip on a misplaced brick! Is there a stone that wobbles? Is the pathway overgrown? Fix any issues to put your best foot forward.

Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems can be costly, but if you are spending the money on landscaping it is worth protecting your investment. When looking at the systems, consider something with a weather sensor that can be mindful of the weather – this will ultimately save money by not over or under watering.

Entertaining Space

Buyers love to envision a future home where they can relax. Even if they have five kids, three dogs, a hamster and relaxing is a pipe dream – the vision of potentially kicking your feet up, reading a book and enjoying the fresh air is priceless! Spending money to make sure your outdoor entertaining area is functional and orderly is important and doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Think Privacy

If your entertaining space is close to a neighbor consider planting trees or finding a useful way to create privacy. Maybe it’s a lattice panel with climbing clematis, evergreen hedges or a board on board cedar fence. Same goes with a window that looks out to a neighbor!

Year-Round Appeal

Remember when putting together a planting plan that a good design should have seasonality, with something blooming at all times of the year. To put this together is very challenging for someone who isn’t an expert, so it’s worth bringing on a design partner like Tilly so you get it right from the beginning – and don’t make any costly mistakes.

Native Plants

Focus on plants that are native to your region to give them the best chance to survive and keep your maintenance commitment low. A design that reflects your region is also more likely to resonate with a potential buyer than something that “brings back your childhood”.

Keep it Simple

When in doubt, less is more. Keep it simple so nothing detracts from your property. This also allows buyers to see the potential and dream about how to make it theirs! Weeds and a jungle is an instant turn off and makes a buyer worry about neglect inside.

What are other landscape tips that can improve a homes value?

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