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10 Beautiful Front Yard Landscaping Ideas for Different House Styles

Front Yard landscape ideas

Curb appeal is all about creating a welcoming entrance to your home! You’ve spent time finding the perfect door mat to match your house style, but how about your landscaping? Finding the right plants and hardscape for your home can feel like a challenge, but a dose of landscape inspiration will make that task a little bit easier.

Do you have a sleek, modern home? Opt for clean lines and angular plants. Are you trying to recreate farmhouse appeal for your new build? Soft florals and rustic accessories are calling your name. No matter your aesthetic preferences, a well-designed front yard design can take the look of your home to the next level.

Take a look at some of our favorite front yard designs we’ve created for our clients across the map and with a wide variety of house styles. These front yard design ideas might just make you the envy of every green thumb on the block!

#1 // A Mix of Modern and Natural

The homeowners of this modern home in Texas wanted a front yard design that would be low maintenance and bring in the local landscape that they love. Our designer brought a dry riverbed to life in their front yard by landscaping around their trees with rocks and filling the design with hardy, drought-tolerant plants. The end result is a vibrant, low-maintenance front yard landscape that makes their sleek home design much more inviting.

#2 // Minimalist Modern Desert Ranch

The clients of this modern ranch-style house in Nevada wanted a low-maintenance landscape design that was as clean and simple as their home and felt like a natural part of the desert landscape. Their designer crafted a modern landscape design for them that uses stone and industrial bricks to create clean lines that mirror the architectural feel of the low-water desert plants.

#3 // A Colorful Mid-Century Classic

When this Colorado family scooped up their dream mid-century modern house, they knew they needed the perfect landscape design to match. Their beautiful front yard design uses classic flowers like peonies and lilies to provide a welcome pop of color in the squared-off garden beds that match the lines of their home.

#4 // Simple Xeriscaping for a California Bungalow

This client was looking for low-maintenance xeriscape ideas to match their California bungalow and chill lifestyle. Their designer chose low-growing plants for their ranch-style house landscaping to keep everything in proportion and traded in a water-sucking lawn for ornamental no-mow grasses and permeable groundcover.

#5 // Striking Plants for a Mid-Century Home

Our landscape designer knew this mid-century modern home in Texas would need a strong, structured front yard design to match the stunning lines of their white-painted brick house. A palette of signature plants with great architecture all their own add serious interest to this modern landscape design.

#6 // A Modern Farmhouse with Classic Curb Appeal

This modern farmhouse-style home in California needed a soft touch in the landscaping to capture the traditional, welcoming feeling the homeowners were looking for. A rolling lawn leads up to lush flower beds that pop against their soft exterior house color. Sweet touches like a wooden birdhouse and front porch planters complete their farmhouse landscape.

#7 // Simple Landscaping for a Craftsman-Style House

Designing for a craftsman house style can be a challenge, and our designer quickly realized that this stunning home would have to be the star of the landscape design! Garden beds and planters were strategically placed to frame the house without taking attention away from it in this clean and modern landscape design.

#8 // Classic Florals for a Ranch-Style Home

These clients in Kansas wanted to keep their rolling open lawn, but frame their ranch-style house with landscaping to add a little oomph to their outdoor space. Their final front yard design mirrors their backyard design with an explosion of eye-catching hydrangea bushes and a sweet front yard seating area while leaving plenty of space to play.

#9 // Effortless California Curb Appeal

These California homeowners were ready to elevate their curb appeal from plain lawn into something that really showed off their bungalow-style house. A neatly planted array of greenery mirrors the lines of the home and attractive privacy fencing keeps the street view of their house beautiful while providing some backyard privacy.

#10 // Refreshed New England Landscaping

These clients challenged their designer to bring a little bit of New England to California for their modern Cape Cod-style house. Their designer rose to the occasion with a design that combines drought-tolerant plants with rustic stone and gently curving garden walls for a charming update to classic curb appeal.

No matter the style of your home, we can help you create landscaping to match. Whether you’re brimming with front yard landscaping ideas or you’re totally lost with where to start, Tilly can help.

Our expert landscape architects and designers can tackle every project and every budget—we can give you a fresh take on your front yard for just $375. Fill out your profile to get started, and we’ll match you with a designer who will understand your climate, needs, and style to bring your dream front yard design to life.

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