Backyard Gazebos & Pergolas Inspiration

By Sarah Finazzo

October 26, 2021

Classic Design Pergola

Gazebos, Pergolas and Pavilions have risen in our client requests as entertaining at home and using your outdoor space more continues to trend. These days, pergolas are no longer decorative structures to grow vines, but practical features that can have shade or an awning beneath it to extend the use of your outdoors in the different conditions. Gazebos and pavilions are no longer only for large estates, but a beautiful feature to add to your yard for shade, all weather entertaining, relaxation and to delineate different entertaining areas. Below we showcase some of our favorite Tilly designs that feature these structures!

Modern Texas Backyard Pergola

Tilly extended this client’s backyard patio with pavers to expand the entertaining area while maintaining a consistent look. The modern metal pergola overhead allows shade to the space with a cook area underneath to allow use no matter the weather. 

Metal Pergola Texas Backyard

Texas Landscape Design


Eclectic Virginia Backyard Pergola

This eclectic backyard design uses a beautiful pergola to create shade for sun loungers by the pool. The light wood connects the pergola to the furniture throughout the space and keeps it casual, yet very chic. 

Virginia Landscape Design


Rustic Massachusetts Pavilion

This beautiful and rustic gazebo reflects the cottage garden style of this Cape Cod landscape. It’s a perfect focal point to tie the entire yard together. 

Rustic Gazebo in Maine

Massachusetts Landscape Design


Modern Washington Gazebo

This oversized gazebo protects a beautiful outdoor fireplace and creates a secondary entertaining area that can be used year round. 

Gazebo in Washington Backyard

Washington Landscape Design


Calming Texas Space

This client’s meditation pavilion is surrounded with trees and shrubs to create a sense of seclusion. A minimalist water feature provides a soothing sound. The pavilion has a retractable canopy, allowing for shade.

Texas Backyard Pergola with Modern Pavers

Texas Landscape Design


Classic Colorado Pergola

A large concrete patio accommodates a dining table, grill and wood shade pergola. Concrete pavers set into the grass are incorporated on either side of the new concrete patio to provide an extension of the main patio and extra space and seating for entertaining. 

Backyard Pergola

Colorado Landscape Design


Framing the View in Ohio

Beneath a new pergola, there is a seating area that centers on a low stone wall and fireplace that provides a sense of enclosure and intimacy, while preserving views to the lake.

Classic Design Pergola

Ohio Landscape Design


Pergola in a Bustling Backyard

This backyard is maximized through smart use of space. The pergola is used to create an outdoor dining space that is shaded with beautiful ambiance for meals with family. 

Backyard Pergola Over Dining

North Carolina Landscape Design Plan


New York Patio & Pergola

This pergola has been proposed over the dining table beside a newly arranged fire pit area that overlooks two small raised beds. The pergola helps define and separate the dining area from the lounging area. 

Backyard Pergola

New York Landscape Design


Illinois Gazebo Entertaining Area

This gazebo creates the ultimate lounge space next to the new pool. With a grill area, dining area and fire pit lounge, no one will ever want to leave this party. 

Pool and Pavilion

Illinois Landscape Design


Virginia Cottage Pergola

A small pergola can make a big difference and elevate a space to the next level. We love how this shade structure looks like a natural extension of the home. 

Backyard Pergola Next to House

Virginia Landscape Design


Massachusetts Gazebo for Gathering

Tilly gazebo blends in with the home and creates the ultimate indoor outdoor living space for this family, maximizing the fantastic outdoor kitchen space. 

Entertaining Area and Gazebo

Massachusetts Landscape Design


Texas Gazebo Design

This wood slat pergola creates a cozy atmosphere for this lounging nook. Concrete step pads lead to the small pool, lounging deck and fire pit space – all fitting with a modern, but naturalistic feel. 

Texas Landscape Design


Maryland Naturalistic Pergola Design

This design is pulled together by the wood fence, sauna and beautiful pergola above the dining area. This yard transformed from drab to fab with incredible features throughout. 

Side View of Backyard Pergola

Maryland Landscape Design


Modern New York Pergola

This client’s large modern pergola stands above the 3×3 stepping stones that house the fire pit, lounge area, and dining table. The pergola provides an opportunity to string lights and add decor to the space. 


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