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Landscape Design Inspiration for Your Yard Renovation

By Axis Fuksman-Kumpa December 12, 2022

backyard landscaping ideas with a fire pit surrounded by native plants, gardens, and natural furniture like stumps and stone benches

A landscape design renovation can be very exciting, but it can also be challenging to know where to start. Creating a beautiful and functional outdoor space requires careful planning, creativity, and inspiration. Whether you're looking to update an existing garden or completely transform your backyard or curb appeal, finding the right inspiration can help you to bring your vision to life.

Thankfully, inspiration for landscape design can come from many sources. From the natural world while you're walking your dog to growing social media, there are countless ways to spark your creativity and guide your planning process.

In this blog, we'll explore some fun projects to spark ideas for your landscape design renovation. Check out these backyard and front yard landscape plans we love. There are ideas for every size property, garden style and budget.

Dreamy Patio for Lounging

If you don't already have an entertaining or lounge outdoor space - it's a great place to start! A well-designed patio can extend your living space and provide a comfortable and functional area for activities like dining, barbecuing, or simply lounging with family and friends.

Patios can also increase the overall value of your property, as they are a sought-after feature in many homebuyers' wish lists. Better yet, patios can be designed to suit a range of styles and budgets, making them a flexible and customizable option for any homeowner. Whether you have a large or small backyard, adding an outdoor patio can be a great way to enhance your outdoor living experience and create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for years to come.

stone patio next to a swimming pool for a fun yard landscaping ideas

Compact Yard with All the Features

If you have a small backyard you don't have sacrifice amenities, you just need a smart design plan. A well thought out design starts with listing our your priorities and understanding the goals of your space. Once that is established you can work to create an outdoor space that includes the items highest on your priority list.

Working with a professional designer can be a benefit in a small space where every inch truly matters!

backyard landscaping ideas with plants, horizontal fence, and an herb garden next to the house

Curb Appeal with Ornamental Grasses

Reducing your lawn can be a great yard update both from a practical standpoint and from an aesthetic standpoint. Reducing lawn will lower the amount of water and maintenance needed to keep up your curb appeal. Instead you can add native plants that will benefit wildlife, rock gardens or pollinator garden beds that will benefit your space in an entirely new way!

front yard landscaping ideas with green grass, drought resistant plants, a adirondeck seating area and water feature by a front porch

A Ground Cover Alternative to Grass

Traditional lawn can be monotonous and unexciting and require maintenance (as mentioned above)! Replacing lawn for ground cover that thrives in your conditions can provide a more dynamic and varied outdoor space ~ all while reducing the time and money spent on upkeep. An added bonus is that local wildlife will flock to your yard and you can spend time watching butterflies rather than pushing the lawn mower.

Backyard landscaping ideas with a pergola, native plantings, clean lines and other perennials next to a dining area

A Shady Seating Area for Relaxation

It's tough to enjoy your outdoor space if you're melting in the heat. Add shade options over seating areas to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment in which to spend time outdoors. Whether you're reading a book, socializing with friends and family, or simply taking a break from yard work, shade will offer a comfortable and inviting space in which to do so.

landscaping designs with a seating area next to the main house in a backyard landscape with native flowers

Rock Garden Curb Appeal

Rock Gardens will require less maintenance than a traditional lawn and can be very impactful when done right! A rock garden will reduce the water needed to keep your lawn alive and reduct maintenance - a win win for any homeowner.

Front yard landscaping ideas with drought tolerant plants, rocks, colorful flowers, trees and stone steps to the entry

A Statement Making Driveway

If you have a driveway why not make it a show stopper! Maybe it's a stone paver driveway that reflects your home's modern feel. Or a gravel driveway that adds to the rustic and natural architectural details of your home. Maybe it's a stamped concrete driveway with beautiful landscaping surrounding it. No matter your style, make your driveway a functional and beautiful part of your design, rather than just a place to park your car!

front yard landscaping ideas with a stately driveway, colorful flowers, and a front foundation garden

Beautiful Backyard Gravel Fire Pit

A gravel fire pit adds a warm and inviting ambiance to any backyard, making it a great gathering spot for family and friends. Gravel is a durable and low-maintenance material that is a great base for a fire pit area. It's budget conscious and can match any garden style. Landscape around your fire pit to help it seamlessly fit into your yard.

backyard landscaping ideas with a fire pit surrounded by native plants, gardens, and natural furniture like stumps and stone benches

Outdoor Spaces that Match Nature

One of our favorite landscaping ideas is to match the nature that surrounds you. In Florida? Add lush garden plantings, textures, a water feature and bright colors to your space. In Arizona? Play on the natural stone, warm earth tones, cacti and succulents that surround you.

backyard landscaping ideas with natural stone patio, a chiminea and natural outdoor furniture and room for a dinig area and hot tub

A Gravel Backyard Yard Landscape

You don't need green grass to make a beautiful place! Gravel is a great, affordable design option that can work with any garden style. Whether you landscape your entire property with it, just around a fire pit, a garden shed or between stone pavers - it gives a polished look that many homeowners crave.

backyard landscaping ideas a gravel low maintenance yard with statement native plants, stone steps and trees

An Herb Garden for the Chef

Add an herb garden to your yard - whether it's raised beds, in planters or a vertical garden up the side of your house - there are many options. This is a simple backyard project that you can have a lot of fun with! The best thing about herb garden is it can start small in your windowsill and grow as you gain confidence.

front yard landscaping ideas with a vegeteable garden surrounded by plants, simple garden, lawn, and bushes

A Focal Point Fire Pit Outdoor Space

A fire pit can become a focal point in your backyard and truly change the use and look of your yard. We love a fire feature - whether it's a fire pit, outdoor fireplace, fire table ~ or whatever fits into your lifestyle and space. Check out this fire pit landscaping guide we previously pulled together with tips on landscaping your pit and seating area.

backyard ideas a simple fire pit for an easy landscaping project surrounded by native grasses, flowering shrubs and a native garden

An Rustic Fire Pit Nook

Play into your garden and architectural style! We love this nature inspired yard with natural rocks as chairs around a campsite. This space will transform when the sun goes down!

backyard landscaping with flowers, a lawn, and a colorful garden and patio area

Less Lawn for Less Maintenance

Are you ready to do away with your lawn? Retire the lawn mower? Consider filling your yard with artificial turf grass ~ or better yet options that embrace nature like ground covers, meadows or drought tolerant planting palettes.

a front yard landscaping plan with no grass but filled with ground cover, flowers, and colorful plants around a front door

Perfect Spot for an Elegant Evening

Find a quiet area in your yard for seating. Whether it's a bench by your favorite flower beds, a bistro table by a small water feature, or an Adirondack chair that looks at a bird fever - create your own little oasis to enjoy.

backyard landscape design by a Tilly landscape architect with a long run herb garden, fire pit sitting area, colorful garden around a backyard swimming pool

Vertical Space for a Sweet Side Yard

Use all the space you've got. Small yard? No problem, go up! Grow plants on the side of your house, add greenery to your fence for visual interest - get creative and don't let size limit you! And don't forget to maximize all space, including side yards.

side yard landscape design that uses vertical space

A Backyard Swimming Pool to Behold

If you If you have a pool, make the most of it. Landscaping around your pool can truly give your yard a vacation feel in the summer. It doesn't have to be elaborate, just intentional smart design choices. Maybe you add vines up a safety or privacy fence that borders the pool, or add pots filled with your favorite perennials for pops of color.

backyard landscaping projects a modern pool, lavendar flower beds, and multiple outdoor area surrounded by garden beds and trees

Tropical Front Yard Minimalist Landscaping

Your front and back landscapes should be filled with plants that are climate appropriate or native to your region. Think about your inspiration before you start planting so you work towards having the most successful yard possible.

front yard landscaping with gardens, flowers, a concrete patio, and driveway space for two cars

Backyard Landscaping for the Ultimate Entertainer

Your home is your oasis - make it yours! If you love Sunday football and think it would be incredible to watch it outdoors - do it! Determine your priorities for your space and then work towards them. Creating your dream yard can be fun.

backyard landscaping projects with an outdoor kitchen, flower beds, seating area and outdoor tv

Above Ground Pool Oasis on the Water

This Tilly plan takes an above ground pool and turns it into an incredible backyard entertainment area. These homeowners have seriously improved their backyard with a two level built in deck.

backyard landscaping design ideas for an above ground pool with flower beds, shrubs, a shade sail and seating area

Tropical Gardens around an ADU

Landscaping around your accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a great way to make your shed a focal piece of your yard. Adding a seating area nearby or a fire pit area will expand upon the enjoyment of your yard!

backyard landscaping design ideas with little lawn, a gravel patio, colorful gardens, adirondeck furniture and a backyard ADU with landscape plants around it

The Ultimate Kids Zone

backyard landscaping for a kid's play area with a miniature house, garden, yard, trees, and white picket fence with flowers

Bold Backyard Cacti Garden

a backyard landscaping plan with a painted accent wall, ambient lighting at night, straight lines of cacti in a natural garden

Unique Front Yard Seating Area

a front yard landscaping plan with a front porch patio seating area surrounded by a fence, and formal garden that relects the architecture of the house

Smart Retaining Walls to Maximize Space

This sloped backyard has beautiful natural stone retaining walls to create two separate spaces. The lower level is now a usable entertaining area with a fire pit and dining area and the above grassy area can be enjoyed by the kids!

a backyard landscaping plan with a retaining walls to create more usable lawn space

Stately Brick & Classic Landscaping

front yard landscaping for a brick property house with a white fence, lots of flowers, and lawn space

Landscaping Lighting for all the Front Yard Feels

front yard landscaping with landscape lighting for a property with plants in organic shapes and a pollinator garden, trees, and lawn space

Tilly’s easy online landscape design process has been embraced by homeowners across the country and in Canada. Tilly designs front yards, backyard or your entire property. Our planting plans include hardscape layout (decks, patios, walkways) and softscape layout (plants and trees!).

We match you with a professional landscape designer who is familiar with your region.

To start our process you’ll fill out a questionnaire about your property that helps our design team understand your goals, needs and existing landscape. This covers everything from the unique needs of your yard, your design style (modern? cottage? low maintenance?) and much more.

You can add 3d renders, lighting plans or side yards to your design package. You’ll then connect with your designer on a video call to meet them, show them your space and talk about your priorities.

When you receive your design you will be able to purchase your plants at a discounted rate through our team of plant experts and have them delivered directly to your curb. Tilly can also provide recommendations of local installers who can help you complete your landscape project.

We can’t wait to help you tackle your next yard project!

Feel free to browse our portfolio for more ideas!

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