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Backyard & Front Yard Landscape Inspiration in Canada

By Tilly Design July 15, 2021

front yard landscaping ideas

Tilly now designs in parts of Canada, including the East Coast, Central and West Coast of Canada. Check out just a few recent Canadian Tilly front yard and backyard landscape design projects that we love for their smart landscape solutions and the fantastic clientele we were able to collaborate with!

Front Yard & Back Yard Landscaping Refresh

Location: Toronto


  1. Refresh the Property - This veteran homeowner has lived in their home for 35 years and the borders and some plants have become overgrown. It “no longer sparks the joy it once did.”

Style: Classic


  1. Replaced the existing Boxwood around the entrance steps to provide an immediate impact by refreshing the curb appeal.
  2. Add another Dwarf Alberta Spruce or two to create a sense of balance while adding height and year-round presence.
  3. Freshen Up: Cover the downspout when digging up existing groundcover (and connect it to a Pop-up Emitter to allow run off). Add a cluster of broadleaved evergreen shrubs that will gow in and hide a generator in the back without crowding it. Tilly recommends a buffer of at least a meter (approximately 39”) as the minimum required clearance to be maintained around the unit, although local codes may differ.

Naturalistic Landscape Makeover

Location: Dover Centre


  1. Beautify - Beautify the property through landscape as the house lacks architectural detail and is “bland in color.”
  2. Establish an Entrance - Get creative with the concrete slab out front and make it clear that the entrance of the house is on the side of the home.

Style: Naturalistic with Nautical Flair


  1. Construct built in planters that can be updated annually by the homeowner.
  2. Add beautiful nautical touches, such as posts with rope at the entry to have fun with the fantastic location.
  3. Encourage people to take the path to the left by reinforcing the formal hedge of boxwoods. The cluster of planters will partially block the path to the right, providing more of a visual impairment rather than a physical one. Adding stepping stones will create a sense of threshold, hinting it is not the main path.

Modern Landscape Design Update

Location: North Vancouver


  1. Compliment Surroundings: The home is next to a wildlife preserve, continue the naturalistic look, but in a tidy and well planned way.
  2. Beautify: Cover the sump lids
  3. Dog Friendly: Help protect the grass from the pet dogs!

Style: Modern Naturalistic 


  1. Plants such as Pussy Willow, Black Mondo Grass, Hens and Chicks, Coneflower, Evening Primrose, Geranium, and Candytuft in the Tilly plan will achieve the homeowner’s style and compliment the surroundings.

  1. Add two modern horizontal wood slatted decorative screens in front of the sump lids to hide them. Plant Purple Fountain Grass behind the screens to add height and billowy interest.
  2. Kurapia is recommended as a lawn alternative. It is hardier and can withstand dog urine much better than traditional sod. It is also very low maintenance, and may only need to be cut once a year. This can be phased in time as it can be pricey.

Plant Images showing how to get a look
Plant & Features Ideas

Front Yard & Backyard Remodel

Location: British Columbia


  1. Beautify - Create a well designed landscape that highlights the majestic view of the mountains and the surrounding apple orchard.
  2. Future Planning - Take into consideration that at some point a pool may be added. Carve out an area so this can be done in the future without replanting. Consider the pool location when establishing a home for the hot tub.

Style: Naturalistic


  1. A variety of perennials, grasses, and shrubs that bloom at different times of the year have been specified like White Sage, Feather Reed Grass, Tufted Hair Grass, Buckwheat, Phlox, and Verbena. This plant palette will provide interesting texture throughout the fall and winter and complement the mountain views!
  2. The pool should be constructed in close proximity to the hot tub for easy access. A deck surrounding the pool makes for a perimeter walkway for the kids to run around and also a space for lounge charis.
  3. Add a pergola on the existing concrete pad for shade and to define the area.

Plant & Features to get the look
Plants & Features to Get the Look

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