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Landscaping Inspiration & Services in Austin Texas

By Axis Fuksman-Kumpa December 8, 2022

Lansdscape Austin TX

Tilly has landscape projects all across Texas, but also has a large focus on Austin specifically! This article will give you an overview of Tilly's services and sustainable practices in the area - as well as showcase some projects for inspiration.

Sustainable Design in Austin, TX

Focusing on sustainable design is core to our business with our partnership with the National Wildlife Federation™. Through this alignment Tilly can design your yard to be a Certified Wildlife Habitat®, which means your Austin landscape design plan will meet requirements to provide food, water, shelter, and places to raise young for local wildlife. This can be done for a front yard, backyard or an entire property.

Tilly's approach to beautiful landscapes and sustainable designs also includes:

  • Encourage native plants, which will thrive in the local climate. Native plants require less maintenance overall and are very beneficial to the local wildlife.
  • We can design low maintenance practices into your design, such as reducing lawn for less mowing and upkeep.
  • Focus on drought tolerant plantings
  • Consider artificial turf grass instead of a traditional lawn to reduce maintenance and water bills and/or encouraging organic lawn care practices
  • Encourage a smart sprinkler system to reduce your water bill and help establish your plants when they are first installed
  • Select materials that work with your Austin climate

Front Yard Farmhouse Property Design

beautiful landscape Austin tx front yard with a grass lawn, garden, native plants and irrigation plan

Maximized Side Yard Space

Tilly's landscaping services for a side yard outdoor space

Cozy Patio Retreat in the Great Outdoors

austin creative landscaping services for a backyard with two level patios, retaining wall and native plants

Destination Fire Pit Nook

A Tilly landscaping project with regional texas flair, flower beds with native plants for less ongoing maintenance

The Perfect Shaded Pergola

An Austin native landscaping companies project by Tilly with a pergola and lounge area

Two-Tiered Patio for Entertaining

An Austin native landscaping companies project by Tilly with a deck, two tiered patios

Outdoor Fire Pit for Family Gathering

An Austin landscape design job with an outdoor fireplace on the back of the house and storage for wood

A Chic Passthrough

Tilly's landscaping services for a side yard outdoor space

No Mowing Yard with Hardscape

An Austin yard vision with an outdoor fireplace, seating area off a covered patio, hardscape for now mowing

An Eclectic Patio for a Personality Punch

A Austin landscaping project by Tilly installed by local landscapers

A Cottage Design for a Texas Lake House

a modern organic design by Tilly for a Austin TX backyard

A Naturalistic Plunge Pool with Pops of Color

An Austin Tx design with a pool and colorful flowers

DIY Front Plan for Curb Appeal

A Tilly landscape design for a front yard in Austin TX

Shaded Patio with Pavers

a high quality craftsmanship pergola and natural stone deck landscaping plan

A New Fire Pit Nook Perfect for S'mores

A fire pit on a stone patio in a Texas backyard with lawn and a metal fence. turfgrass delivery in Austin tx.

More about Tilly, a female founded landscaping company

Tilly is an online landscape design service that has designers across the country. Think of it as local connections and talent on a national scale. Our incredible team of landscape designers and landscape architects will create a custom and scaled landscape design plan for your specific yard.

Tilly's Contractor Connections

Once you've received your Tilly landscape plan we can connect you with one of our contractor partners in the Austin area to help install your design. Many Tilly clients also DIY their plans to save on budget.

Plant Delivery Services

Tilly's plans come with a detailed 'Plant Schedule,' which is a shopping list for your yard. This includes the plant name, quantity, sizing and images of your plants so you can shop with ease or use our Plant Delivery services where you can order your plants directly through our talented team of plant specialists.

You can check out more Tilly landscaping projects in our portfolio! To learn more about how our services work, visit our How It Works page.

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