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What Does Your Front Door Say About You

By Blythe Yost January 23, 2020

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Your door is one of the first things people see when arriving at home, so if you are looking for ways to enhance your curb appeal or add some character to the front of your house, consider making a few updates to the color of your front door. Here are some great tips on picking a color and decor for your entry. A front door can add some character to the front of your house and changing the color of your front door can be a fun way to express your personality and explore a new look.

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Get Creative with Color

In many European countries boldly colored doors abound, but we Americans often overlook this opportunity to celebrate chroma and infuse the front door of our homes with a distinct style. Does the style of your house reflect your personal style? Consider what mood and message your choice of color communicates.

  • Yellow: Yellow is a bold color choice that signifies upbeat, bright and confident energy.
  • Blue: Blue doors express an artistic inclination, sincerity and serenity.
  • Red: Red doors are classic, conveying a warm, generous welcome to friends, neighbors and visitors.
  • Black: Black doors communicate control, order and sophisticated style.
  • Orange: Orange is a vibrant color choice that indicates a flair for entertaining and a willingness to take on new challenges.
  • Green: Green signifies a connection with the earth. Darker shades express a grounded, down to earth personality, and brighter shades such as lime green show someone who has a fresh, enthusiastic outlook on life.

DIY Door Painting Tips

You can paint your front door in place or remove it from the hinges where there is a screen or storm door to protect it. In certain climates this may be more of a spring project, but winter is a great time to start searching for inspiring examples, gathering paint samples and planning the project.

When searching for inspiration we recommend looking on the internet at pictures of similar style homes. Take note of what you like and don’t like. Driving around your town is another great way to figure out what draws you in. We also love Instagram account The Front Door Project, which is packed full of gorgeous images of old New England front doors! Even if you don’t live in New England you can browse some unique color combos and see rare colors featured - which may spark ideas.

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How to Paint Your Front Door

When you are ready, start by removing the hardware, wiping down the door with a clean rag then sanding the surface to remove any imperfections. Next, apply primer using a roller to create an even surface on the panels and a brush for trim or details. Once the primer is dry you are ready to paint! Apply the color of your choice with foam roller or use a brush to create a hand painted look. Consider painting the trim a different shade to compliment the color of the door.

Frame the Front Door with Planters

A pair of planters is a wonderful way to anchor your entrance and provide colorful, seasonal displays to compliment the front door. There are many types of planters available online and at your local garden center, from Grecian style urns to more contemporary looking cubes and rectangular shapes. Select planters that compliment your house and express your style.

With less happening in the surrounding landscape, winter planters will be a welcome addition to enliven your front door area. Here are some tips on what to plant:


Live evergreen shrubs are a simple and elegant solution for filling winter planters. If you live in an area that gets snow, consider hearty varieties such as juniper and andromeda that can withstand cold temperatures and endure the free/thaw cycles of winter. Remember to water these periodically and in the spring they can be transplanted into your garden beds to add structure and compliment existing flowering shrubs and perennials.

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Foraged Flora

Another approach to enlivening your winter planters is to use cuttings from plants which you can gather while walking around your yard. SInce it’s also a great time for pruning, you can pair these activities and use whatever branches you have trimmed from your evergreen trees and shrubs as the base for your planters. Try adding additional elements for color and contrast such as red twig dogwood, berries and pine cones. This can also be a fun activity for kids, turning the task into a type of scavenger hunt to find natural elements to include in your planters. Any extras can be tucked into a front door wreath once holiday decorations have been removed. Enjoy the exploration and bringing some fresh life to the winter landscape while anticipating the arrival of spring.

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