What’s Next: Installing Your TILLY Plan

By Alexis Sutton

March 6, 2020

You’ve received your Tilly package and are ready to dig in – cheesy plant pun for the win! Our team has broken down how to evaluate if this is a project you can DIY or if you should source outside help. If you are going to hire help, below are some guildelines on how to go about the process. 

Alright, let’s get those plants in the ground! You have your planting plan, now….

  1. DECIDE who will complete the work, from sourcing and delivering your plant materials to laying walkways, building fences and digging in the dirt.  Will you DIY? Outsource specific parts? Or hire a contractor to manage it all for you. 
  2. PLAN the best timing for your installation. Consider local planting seasons, which will depend on your location. You can google this information or ask your Tilly designer. Think about the amount of work required, your free time, budget and your personal schedule – is there a party or event coming up that can serve as a deadline?
  3.  INTERVIEW if you’re planning to hire a contractor or any outside help.  Ask neighbors, go on Nextdoor, or just ask Tilly! As with anything it’s always best to get multiple estimates – not only for pricing, but for a variety of factors. For example, make sure installation schedules align and they can make your deadlines, are they familar with the work you need to have done, do they have eco-friendly practices?
  4. EVALUATE the estimates you receive. Share your complete design package and request an estimate for the project so you have solid comparisons and can feel good moving forward.
  5. HIRE your installer and lock in a date ASAP!  In many regions the planting season is relatively short, so don’t wait to get something scheduled. Contractors and landscapers can book up early and quickly so get on their calendar! 




You can find more Tilly project examples if you scroll down on our home page.

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