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5 Reasons Clients Love Tilly’s Online Landscape Design

By Axis Fuksman-Kumpa April 18, 2022


Hey there! We’re Tilly—nice to meet you. We've turned the landscape design industry upside down by taking it all online. We design yards across the U.S. and in Canada by connecting you to an actual landscape designer who has expertise in your region. Why is online design so great? Let us tell you more...

The Benefits of Working with Tilly

There are unique benefits to our online landscape design process. Whether you’re a passionate DIYer who needs a little guidance, you’ve exhausted every Google result for “landscape designers near me,” or you’re looking to hire a landscape designer who’ll actually understand what you’re looking for, Tilly is the landscaping company for you.

Here are some of the perks that come with the Tilly process:

1. Customized Design Plan

  • Your design plan is completely custom to your yard.
  • There are no algorithms or technological shortcuts at work here—your plan is custom created by your landscape designer from start to finish.

2. One-on-One Consultation with your Designer

  • Based on your project and design style, you’ll be matched with one of our skillful designers who have years of residential experience creating beautiful designs for homeowners.
  • Unlike other companies, we do a one-on-one video walk through of your yard with every client so we can actually see the space and have a conversation about your needs in real time—we make online consultations personal!

3. Scalable Pricing

  • Forget about paying a big ticket price for options you don’t need—with us, you pay for what you want and nothing else.
  • Pick and choose the extras that will actually help you—if you don’t need 3D images of your plan, then you don’t have to pay for them. Want a lighting plan, just add it to your package!

4. Plant Delivery

  • Once you receive your design you can hire Tilly to deliver the plants from your plan. Remove the hassle of shopping and have plant coordinators do the leg work for you!
  • You tell us what day is convenient and your plants will arrive straight to your door.
  • We offer competitive pricing and source locally!
  • **Note that all plant deliveries are booked through the season at this time.

5. Sustainable Design

  • At Tilly, our designers have extensive training on sustainability in the region they design. We can create a design that helps the pollinators and eco-system!
  • We will include native plants in your design and steer clear from invasive species. We're also all about water conservation and low maintenance designs.

Check out our full list of services to find out more about how we can support you! We look forward to helping you in your yard transformation journey.

gravel fire pit area in backyard
outdoor dining on a patio

A little more background...

We’re a team who are passionate about the outdoors and helping empower anyone and everyone to create their dream yard. We’re a women-founded and led company co-founded by nationally-recognized landscape architect Blythe Yost and three of her best friends from high school. Together, we realized that we had something special here that we wanted to share!

We love that our simple process can be done from the comfort of your office, couch, kitchen counter, or anywhere you have internet access (even the soccer field sidelines). Our job is to consider your climate, design style, and needs and then create the landscaping plans you’ve always dreamed of but never knew how to do on your own. Get ready to transform you yard!

backyard design

Want to dig in further to how landscape design online works? Check out this article that gives a step by step overview of our process. You can also find more Tilly design reviews here from happy clients who recevied custom plans all over the country.

Do you have more questions? Comment down below or give us a call. And if you’re ready to get started, we are too!

Veggie Garden on Home
Image of Curb Appeal with Foundation Plantings
3D Rendering of a landscape design plan in Colorado
Backyard Patio with a Pergola
Side View of Backyard Pergola
Backyard Gazebo House View
Dining Pergola
Classic Design Pergola

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