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Benefits of Hiring a Landscape Designer for Your Yard

By Blythe Yost May 15, 2019


We love a DIY project as much as the next homeowner, however in some instances there are major benefits to working with a professional. We find landscape design to be one of those areas. Why? Because during a landscape designer and landscape architect's years of schooling they learn many design principals that help tie a space together -- and not to mention understanding plant groupings to achieve a certain look. Understanding how to design a space that flows well, that can be maximized and used to its fullest potential is a great kill!

Plants also grow and change with the seasons. You want to make sure what you are planting now will fit in your space with your other plants in 5 years. If it's the wrong size you it may kill the plants near it, look awkward or need to be transplanted. It's also important to make sure you have greenery or something blooming year round and not just one season. Landscape pros know what blooms when and what plants work in specific climates.

There is also education around plant and plant groupings. For a water-wise landscape design you want to make sure plants that need similar amounts of water are together so you aren't wasting water. If you are in a drought prone landscape you'll want to make sure you are choosing drought tolerant plants. And of course how much sunlight different parts of your yard receives plays a big role in what should be planted where. Landscape designers know the science behind your soil too! Certain soils will work for certain plants, but not others.

There's a lot to consider when embarking on a landscape design project. It's not to say a homeowner can't DIY the design themselves, but there is a value to a professional designer's knowledge helping you make smart decisions the first time around.

Beyond the skill that a landscape design pro has, here are some other aspects that can make hiring a professional for your yard project well worth it.

#1 // Receive a Master Plan

The beauty of a master plan is that you don’t need to install it all at once. If you have constraints around budget or time, you can simply phase-in different elements of your yard over time, knowing your final landscape will still make sense and look fabulous! There's nothing worse (time and money-wise) than starting phase two of a home project and having to dig up plants because they no longer work.

#2 // Enhance Property Value

Research shows that a professional landscape design can significantly enhance your home value, by up to 20%! And unlike other home improvements, landscape design increases in value over time, reaching full maturity three years after installation. Therefore, investing in landscape can be well worth the cost - and doing it right in extremely valuable.

#3 // Find Personal Happiness

It sounds a little cheesy, but just ask any #plantparent on Instagram - greenery brings happiness. Now imagine coming home to a perfectly appointed walkway, entertaining in an expertly styled backyard, or reading a book in your quiet outdoor escape. Beautiful spaces, professional design and natural surroundings make for a happy homeowner.

#4 // Entertainment & Family Time

A great outdoors space and natural enviornment can bring people together - whether it’s over the outdoor dining table, in a vegetable garden, a kid’s playspace, or a peaceful zen garden space - great design is relaxing and refreshing after a long day.

#5 // Material Choices

There are many materials to chose from when it comes to your hardscape - decks, patios, fencing, and much more. Working with a professional landscape designer will help you break through that clutter and understand what will work best in your climate and within your specific outdoor space. It will also help you tie everything together in terms of colors and materials.

#6 // Useful Yard Layout

The layout of your yard is critical to your use of it. If the layout isn't functional, you won't use it as much as you like. Working with a landscape designer who has experience understanding how spaces flow and how to maximize your space will help ensure it's well structured. We love seeing our landscape designers get creative, espeically with small yards.

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