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How Online Landscape Design Works: Tilly's Simple Design Process

By Blythe Yost June 25, 2019


The Tilly process is quite different from the typical landscape design process – but that’s what we are all about!

In an age where you can order groceries for delivery with the click of a button, arrange on demand beauty services, watch TV dozens of different ways (does that confuse anyone else? Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, Cable…), redesign a room digitally – our co-founders wondered why landscape design was stuck in the dark ages?

Being on the old end of millenials the Tilly co-founders were accustomed to a digital, streamlined life. With a combination of everyday communication apps, landscape software, Google Earth, and an amazing design team – they realized online design was not only possible, but often preferred.

The Tilly virtual landscape design process is efficient, environmentally responsible (no driving to meetings, no paper trail), on the customer's schedule, and much more.

Here's how Tilly's online landscape design process works.


Getting started with Tilly is super simple! Select and purchase a design package to meet your needs. Our options are a Front, Back or Full that scale with the size of you property. Every package includes a planting plan, hardscape layout, and detailed designer notes with guidance on installation, materials, planting schedule, and maintenance. There’s also a whole menu of add-on options you can choose from. This includes Side Yards (if you have just selected a front or back), Lighting and Irrigation Plans and 3D images. 3D landscape design images are very helpful to picture a mature landscape - especially if you aren't familar with plants.

If you have specific questions about your project, you can schedule a call to learn more. Purchase your package and congrats - you’re moving on to step 2!


Now it’s time to create your profile on your dashboard. You will start with the Space Assessment. This is a deeper dive into your project where we ask about your sunlight, soil, functional use, design elements, favorite plants, must have colors, etc. Note that there is an opportunity to insert links to Pinterest boards if you've pulled landscape design inspiration!

Next you will also upload photos of your space and a property survey. Note that a property survey is extremely helpful when it comes to designing to scale.


Next you will be assigned a landscape designer. All of Tilly's designers have years of residential experience and they will be experts in your region. You will set up a call with them through your dashboard. During your call you can give them a tour of your yard, show them views from inside your home, discuss your plans around budget and installation and feel free to ask anything else related to your landscape. Our designers are extremely friendly and knowledgeable.They have worked with everyone from first time homeowners to master gardeners and are prepared to do whatever amount of hand-holding feels right for you!


Soon after the consult, your designer will deliver a basemap for you to approve. Then they will get busy on your design. A few weeks later your design will be delivered. Its contents will depend on the package you purchased, but you can find an example here.


Whether you’re planning to install yourself or looking to hire a professional, Tilly prepares you with everything you need to DIG IN! For the DIY crowd, you receive a detailed shopping list to take to your local garden center and instructions along with some tips and tricks for a successful installation. We also have Installation Support Services to help you get your design in the ground and you can purchase your plants from us - making things super easy!

Ready to get started? Check out our packages here.

Some designs by the Tilly team:

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