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Outdoor Bar Ideas for the Ultimate Entertainer

By Axis Fuksman-Kumpa January 5, 2023

outdoor bar in a lush backyard

At Tilly we talk about how to make your backyard the ultimate entertaining space - and adding a backyard bar is no doubt high on the list of fun ideas. We rounded up some of our favorite backyard bar ideas from Tilly designs to help inspire and potentially get you started on your next outdoor project!

As you'll see in some of our designs, an outdoor bar can be as simple as a few bar stools by a high top - or as complex as custom built-out bar and outdoor kitchen with a view!

No matter how elaborate your set up, an outdoor bar is a social addition and can make your backyard the perfect place for neighborhood gatherings!

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Simple Rustic Bar Counter

This client plans to DIY a wood bar countertop in a newly added secluded patio space behind their garage. The patio has room for table and chairs as well. We envision many card games and cocktails in this private nook!

outdoor patio bar with bar stools and a dining table surrounded by flowers and plantings

Veggie-Lovers Outdoor Bar

This creative design was a inspired by the client wanting a living wall on their deck. Their designer used it as a divider separating the outside bar and kitchen from a vegetable garden in raised beds and dining area. It's the perfect creative way to delineate between the use of different spaces and fun for friends.

outdoor bar on a deck with a vegetable garden, outdoor kitchen and a vertical living wall

Built-In Bar Style

This backyard is all about the custom built ins. The gabion retaining wall borders the back of the home and tucks in around a fire pit table creating a functional division with the space. The carefully selected hardscape materials compliment each other and really pull this outdoor space together cohesively.

outdoor bar ideas from retaining walls with bar stools set on concrete pavers

An Entertaining Oasis

With a TV and grilling area, this Arizona backyard can serve cool refreshments all weekend long! To be he host with the most, they can add some string lights overhead so the party can continue outdoors once the sun sets.

outdoor bar ideas with a TV, concrete bar countertop and plenty of seating

Rustic Outdoor Bar & Grill

We love this U-shaped outdoor bar with plenty of storage. It's hard not to be inspired to get outside with this beautiful pizza oven and outdoor kitchen. It's large enough for friends to gather and great food to be served in style! When the food comes out, you have the option to move to the dining area after your drink at the bar.

Outdoor bar ideas with bar stools and a stone bar counter, and outdoor kitchen with a sink, and grill range

Lakeside Outdoor Bar with a View

Real bars can't beat this relaxing waterfront location! Guests can spend time on the water or rest up at this beautiful natural stone L-shaped bar. This client's outdoor space went from an awkward layout to a functional layout that can host lots of friends and accommodate different activities.

An outdoor patio bar next to a wood deck with multiple areas for seating and a dining table

Bar on the Cliffside in Your Own Backyard

When you have a stunning view in California, you might as well create the ultimate zen entertaining destination. This home has a beautiful infinity pool and a gorgeous outdoor kitchen, bar and dining area for guests to relax and enjoy.

Outdoor bar ideas, a poolside bar with a structure that provides shade and a hot tub next to the pool

Shady Pergola Bar

This homeowner wanted easy access to their outdoor bar from the house. Placement of an outdoor bar can be important - if it's too far from the house, will you use it enough or will it be forgotten? Or will having it far away from your home make it the perfect secret escape? Understand your priorities and how you want to use your yard before you dig into the design.

outdoor bar concepts with a dining table next to it

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Stone Patio & Bar for Sunday Funday

This spacious backyard has it all! We imagine the entire neighborhood coming over for football Sunday. This bar can easily watch the tv, which is located under the large gazebo.

Lighting is also key for an outdoor bar. This bar has lanterns on the side of the structure as well as a pendant light (and fan!) hanging from the gazebo itself. Lighting is not only important for safety, but for a great vibe!

large outdoor bar on light colored concrete with a functional multi space layout

Perfect Night Time Destination

This small bar is set off the side of a lounge area with an outdoor fire place. The homeowner didn't need a large bar as they have multiple seating areas throughout their space.

Understanding the size of the bar you want is important when embarking on your design. Think realistically about who will be enjoying it and how many people you need it to seat. It's the same idea as when designing a kitchen island indoors.

outdoor bar inspiration with a fire place for night entertaining

Screened-In Porch Bar & Grill

The ultimate luxury, an outdoor bar with no worry about pesky mosquitos, the elements and the weather. Enjoy the space in rain or shine.

Another important factor when planning your outdoor bar is to consider how much storage you need. This is especially important if access to the indoors isn't quick and easy. You won't want to trek in and out with dirty glasses, grill tools, etc.

an outdoor bar ideas with a wood screened in porch off the house to enjoy cocktails and drinks

Sloped Yard Party Yard

This outdoor bar is surrounded by impressive landscaping. Landscaping around your bar can help create a relaxing atmosphere and make it feel like an exciting destination.

Consider seasonality and having something that will bloom at different times, especially at the time when you plan to enjoy your bar the most.

If you live someplace cold then opt for some evergreens so you have greenery to enjoy in the winter months when everything else is dormant.

Add a few space heaters and you'll be all set for bar sesh at any time of year.

functional outdoor bars with bar stools next to a pool house with drinks and cocktails

Spring Garden, Perfect Place

You know a homeowner who designs their outdoor bar around their Big Green Egg is ready to entertain!

This yard is full of fun for adults and kids - including a vegetable garden - which can provide the perfect garnish for cocktails or appetizers at happy hour.

Another point to keep in mind when creating your outdoor bar is to think about the surrounding space and make sure you have enough room to pull your bar stools in and out without falling off a paver, transitioning from concrete to gravel - or another awkward placement that can make entering or leaving difficult or dangerous.

a rustic outdoor bar with a place to store wood next to it on a concrete patio

Pool House + Outdoor Bar Perfection

This home is in a suburban setting and may not have the wow-worthy views of some other inspiration in this article. Therefore, their designer put the bar facing the pool and fire pit (not pictured) to keep everything inclusive.

rustic outdoor bar with wood stools

Easy Living Bar Area

Bars can be a simple addition to your space like this outdoor kitchen countertop add on. It's the perfect spot to relax and keep a chef company!

Having enough seating for company is important to keep them comfortable.

bright outdoor bar with wood cover

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